1935: Repair workshop

The company starts as a repair workshop associated with Fiskbaek Briketfabrik (later A/S Fibo).

Production at this time is concentrated on brown coal and peat.


Fiskbaek Briketfabrik 1935Fiskbæk Briketfabrik 1935


1952: Clay clinkers

Demand for brown coal and peat declines through the 1940s and the company has to rethink its business. 

Management decides to start production of clay clinkers and sets up a new clinker factory associated with the briquette factory in Fiskbaek. The company changes its name to A/S Fiskbaek Betonklinkerfabrik

The later fibo intercon continues as a repair workshop associated with the briquette factory.


1960-1967: Production moves

It turns out, against expectation, that there are only limited clay deposits in Fiskbaek. For a period the clay is therefore brought in from other locations in Jutland (a Danish peninsula). With time this however becomes unprofitable due to the distances involved. The production of FiboKlinker is therefore transferred to the plant in the Danish town, Oelst, where clay deposits are larger.

  Fiskbaek Briketfabrik 1960A/S Fiskbæk Briketfabrik 1960


1968: Product innovation

In the middle of the 1960s, a pre-fab building element made of Fibo Lerklinkerbeton is developed.  

The repair workshop plays an active role in the development of a production concept and the production equipment that is to be used for the manufacture of the new whole-wall building elements.

  Fiskbaek Betonklinkerfabrik 1960A/S Fiskbæk Betonklinkerfabrik 1960


1973: Production of elements

Production of light clinkers in Fiskbaek is discontinued. A/S Fibo sets up a new pre-fab factory in Fiskbaek.  

The repair workshop develops the roller and concrete spreader machines for the factory.

  Fiskbaek Briket og Betonklinkefabrik 1970Fiskbæk Briket- og Betonklinkefabrik 1970


1978: Pre-fab factory

A/S Fibo is divided into independent divisions. The repair workshop that later develops into fibo intercon is given the name of fibo maskiner. 

In the same year, fibo maskiner purchases the company, Videbaek Specialfabrik. fibo maskiner then becomes a reputable supplier of machinery and plants for the concrete industry in Denmark and for export.