fibo intercon concrete batching plants on Nord Stream construction


The Nord Stream pipeline is a main gas-pipeline between Russia and Germany, that passes along the floor of the Baltic sea.

It is worth to mention that this gas-pipeline is the longest undersea route of gas export in the world – its length is 1224 km.

In this project participated: Russia, Germany, Netherlands and France. The main goals of the project are a substantial increase of Russian gas supply to European market and the reduction in the dependency of transit countries.

Gas-pipeline passes from Portovaya gulf near Vyborg (St.Petersburg region) to Lubmina near Graifsvald (Germany). From there, the German companies - participants of the project - deliver gas through the country.

The “Nord Stream” has a key meaning for providing European steady development and energy-security.

Former Russian President - Dmitry Medvedev

Vyborg, Leningradsky Region (200 km from St. Petersburg). WilMix company has started up two concrete batching plants - fibo intercon's F2200 - with a production capacity of up to 50 m3/hour.

The compact solution and special winter application of batching plants allow organizing full-year concrete production in most tough conditions.

The plants have successfully completed a construction of compressor station for North Stream at the site where the pipe is going under sea.

This station was built by means of two Fibo Intercon 2200 concrete batching plants working together and displaying a steadily good performance of concrete quality despite hard conditions of use and maintenance.

On the 4th of September 2015 «Gasprom» together with the other companies, having co-owners rights, signed an agreement on the increase of “North Stream” capacity (Project “ North Stream-2”). This project contain construction of 2 more lines of Gas-pipe achieving by that a double increase of the current Gas-pipe capacity.