New horizontal milling and boring machine


The employees at fibo intercon have more than 30 years experience with milling and boring of items in different sizes for our customers. With the newly installed milling and boring machine, we can ensure the best solution for you and provide you with both flexibility and the required quality.

The table size is 1800 x 1600 mm and can hold up to 12 tons.

We are proud to provide our service to very well-known names from different industries, such as the wind turbine industry, metal industry and concrete industry.

The machine can be used for:

  • renovation of gear boxes for the wind turbine industry, in KW- and MW-class
  • renovation of bearing bushes, bearing rows, tubular wings and other renovations for the wind turbine industry
  • diverse milling and boring of customer’s items for the metal industry
  • milling and boring of drums for vulcanization
  • milling and boring of drums
  • milling and boring of knot pipes and axles for the metal and concrete industries

The items can have up to the following dimensions:

  • Length: 3,0 M
  • Height: 1,5 M
  • Width: 2,0 M
  • Weight: 12,0 T

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Nothing is impossible in our workshop and Villy Haunstrup, our hard-working workshop foreman, is ready to provide the service you need.

Workshop foreman


Villy Haunstrup

Workshop foreman

Mobile: +45 30 58 08 04