The Eurocon Group takes over the assets of Fibo Intercon A/S


It is a pleasure to announce that the Eurocon Group has bought and taken over the assets of Fibo Intercon A/S.

The Eurocon Group is a privately owned company with a strong capital base which operates within the following business areas:

  Eurocon Rør & Svejs ApS:  Pipe Installations and Certified Welding
  Eurocon Stålindustri ApS: Forging and Construction department
  Eurocon CNC & Process ApS:     Machine and Tool department
  Eurocon Industriservice ApS: Construction and Servicing of Mechanical Installations


With the acquisition of Fibo Intercon A/S, another business is added to the Eurocon Group. The continuation of Fibo Intercon A/S will be based on the best elements of the former company together with the knowledge and skills the Eurocon Group can provide. Several of Fibo Intercon A/S’s former employees are by the way continuing in the new company.

We will as soon as possible contact the customers and suppliers who had onging actitvities with the former company regarding a renegotiation or continuation of former agreements.

Fibo Intercon A/S has the same contact data as earlier, but is registered under a new general company name and legal registration number.

  General company name: Fibo Intercon 2014 A/S
  Legal registration number:     35841571
  Address: Herningvej 4, DK-6920 Videbæk, Denmark


For further information, please contact managing director Peter Klaas or chairman of the board Carsten Jacobsen.

We are looking forward to a good future cooperation.


Yours faithfully
Fibo Intercon A/S

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Peter Klaas   Carsten Jacobsen
managing director   chairman of the board
Tel: +45 24950295   Tel: +45 23270370