Detail photos - dosing station

The trailer of the dosing station


13.6 M trailer mounted on two axles with twin wheels and support legs. Fully equipped with brakes and light. The trailer unit is approved for a speed of 80 km/h.


Generating set on the dosing station

Generating set

60 kW generating set with four-cylinder water-cooled diesel generator. Mounted in a sound-absorbing cabinet. 


Water tank and air compressor on the dosing station

Water tank and air compressor

5000 litre water tank with pumps and level indicators. An air compressor is mounted on the back of the water tank.


Cement silo on the dosing station

Cement silo with air nozzles and vibrators

Mounted on a frame. Complete with injection, cover for filling of cement, automatic self-cleaning filter, cement auger, safety valve and ladder.


Air nozzles and vibrators on the dosing station

Air nozzles and vibrators

The cement silo is equipped with air nozzles and vibrators to prevent cement particles from sticking together. 


Cement filter and cement auger on the dosing station

Cement filter and cement auger

The self-cleaning filter, the cement auger and the injection is placed on the back of the cement silo. 


Dosing unit on the dosing station

Dosing unit

The dosing unit consists of a twin hopper, a 3 M³ weighing silo with discharge belt and operating system.


Hopper on the dosing station


Integrated twin hopper for two types of aggregate. Each hopper compartment holds 3.5 M³. Two separate feed belts for dosing of aggregates.


Load cells on the dosing station

Load cells

The weighing silo is placed on three 5000 kg electronic load cells with an accuracy of +/- 0.5 %.


Flowmeter on the dosing station


Parallel dosing of water and aggregates for reduced cycle time and pan mixer wear and reduced energy consumption. Water is transfered to a separate container on the waiting concrete mixer truck.


ICON operating system of the dosing station

Operating system with thermal printer

Possibility of manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation and PC interface. No previous knowledge required and can be delivered with the language version desired. Stores 60 recipes. Dosing accuracy: +/- 0,5-2 %.


Belt conveyor for the dosing station

Belt conveyor

The accompanying belt conveyor is delivered with standard dimensions 1 x 12 M and a discharge height of 3.8 M.