Pump Container


This compact pump container is designed for mixing and pumping premixed mortar. The end product is a self-compacting material ideal for flooring. The capacity of the pump container is max. 10 M³/hour.  

The pump container is assembled on a 20 foot container frame. 

Mixer. Agitators. Generator. Aggregate silo with top hatch for easy filling.  2 weighing silos. Augers. Vibrators. Hose drums. Safety devices. High-pressure cleaner. Pump. Dosing equipment and control unit with batching computer. 


  • The insulated container frame makes it possible to use the pump container at any time of the year
  • The insulation also reduces noise
  • The doors and hatches on the sides of the plant make it easy to access the different plant functions
  • Highly flexible and mobile solution
  • Easy to move and transport to new projects
  • Easy to make ready for production
  • The operating system requires no previous knowledge and can be delivered in the language version desired
  • Low operating costs
  • Easy to clean, maintain and service 


The pump container can be delivered with the following options:

  • Wireless data transfer to PC
  • Remote control for top hatch
  • Remote control for start/stop of the pump
  • Measurement of mass temperature
  • Measurement of floor temperature
  • External coupling for lighting, heating etc. 
  • Water heater
  • High-pressure cleaner with hose drum