Stationary concrete batching plants

fibo intercon provides stationary concrete batching plants for many different purposes

The stationary concrete batching plants we provide cover a wide range of different plants from counterflow mixers, silo systems, concrete conveyors to aggregate and cement dosing. Our stationary concrete batching plants are developed and adapted to the customer's requirements.

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Stationary concrete batching plants

Stationary batching plants

fibo intercon develops and manufactures stationary batching plants adapted to the customer's requirements.

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Counterflow mixer


fibo intercon's counterflow mixer is the heart of our stationary batching plants.

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Modular silo system

Silo systems

fibo intercon offers many different types of silo systems.

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Belt feeders

Aggregate dosing

Aggregate dosing are offered for optimal material handling.

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Cement auger

Cement dosing

fibo intercon offers different types of siloes and cement augers.

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Concrete conveyor

Concrete conveyors

The concrete conveyor system is an automatic transportation of concrete from mixing unit to casting location. 

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Dosing of additives

Additive and colour dosing

fibo intercon supplies customised solutions for dosing and handling of dry and wet colour and additives. 

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Water dosing

Flowmeters and water weight scales controls the dosing of water.

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Silo control system

Electrical controls

The electrical controls monitors all processes and components in the dosing and mixing system.

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