Electrical controls

Electrical control

Electrical controls for manual and automatic control of dosing and mixing system



fibo intercon's electrical controls make it possible to control and monitor all processes and components in the dosing and mixing system.  

The electrical controls have a PLC control unit and can be manually as well as automatically controlled.  
The batching computer is extremely user-friendly and requires no previous knowledge. It is PC Windows-based and stores up to 100 recipes as standard. Data collection is also available. 

The computer can be reprogrammed at any time if changes to the system are required. 



  • Accurate dosing of aggregates
  • A flexible and future-safe solution
  • User-friendliness


The electrical controls can be delivered with the following options: 

  • Printer
  • Remote control
  • Mixer service panel
  • Recipe ordering box
  • Moisture sensors for the pan mixer and sand hoppers 
  • Dosing of pre-water in the material hoist
  • Electrical equipment, e.g. connection boxes, connector sockets, cables, cable ladders etc. 
  • Control cabin