Detail photos - winter batching plant - FI1800

Steel frame of FI1800 winter batching plant

Steel frame

The batching plant is installed on a joint 40 foot container frame in welded steel. It has three doors facing the terrain and a door between the control room and the service corridor. 


Hatch cover of FI1800 winter batching plant

Hatch covers

The two insulated hatch covers in the roof are opened to add aggregates. They are controlled by an electric hoist mechanism placed on the outside of the plant. 


Hoppers of FI1800 winter batching plant


Two integrated hoppers for 2-4 types of aggregate. Each hopper compartment holds 4 or 8 M³. Made in all-welded steel plate with reinforced corners. Equipped with separate feed belts, vibrators and nozzles for steam and air. Large grids in the hopper top prevent large stones or fragments from entering the hopper compartments.


Discharge of concrete for FI1800 winter batching plant

Discharge of concrete

The winter plant is equipped with an opening for the insulated belt conveyor. The strong insulation protects the pan mixer and the belt conveyor from low temperatures.  


Siemens operating system for FI1800 winter batching plant

Operating system with thermal printer

Possibility of manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation and PC interface. No previous knowledge required and can be delivered with the language version desired. Stores 60 recipes. Dosing accuracy: +/- 0,5-2 %.


Pan mixer on FI1800 winter batching plant

Pan mixer

Made in steel with an internal lining of replaceable wearing plates and a Hardox steel-plate bottom. Equipped with a gear motor for optimised effect, automatic radial opening, inlet for cement auger and inspection hatches.


Load cell on FI1800 winter batching plant

Load cells

The pan mixer is placed on three 5000 kg electronic load cellswith an accuracy of +/- 0.5 %.


Flowmeter on FI1800 winter batching plant


Parallel dosing of water and aggregates for reduced cycle time and pan mixer wear and reduced energy consumption.