Aluminium belt conveyors

Aluminium belt conveyor
             Standard dimensions:

0.8 x 10 M
0.8 x 12 M
0.8 x 14 M

1 x 08 M
1 x 10 M
1 x 12 M



Aluminium belt conveyors from fibo intercon are supplied in widths of 0.8 M and 1 M -  and lengths of 8 - 14 M.

fibo intercon belt conveyors are especially suited to carry gravel, sand, lightweight aggregate and concrete mixes.

The conveyor is built on two strong aluminium profiles and all other parts are galvanized.

A plough scraper is fitted onto the conveyor belts, which ensures that the internal sides of the belts are kept clean. A band scraper, that scrapes material off the top side of the belts at the discharge point, is also fitted onto the belts. 

All belt conveyors are delivered complete with drum motor with integrated gearbox, inlet and outlet funnel. The belt conveyors are also delivered with lifting eyes for easy transportation.

We can deliver belt conveyors with wheels, height-adjustable legs, frame with draw hook and cover.



  • Have a long service life and do not rust
  • Low weight due to materials and construction
  • Easy to erect and disassemble
  • Adjustable outlet height
  • Belt conveyors in lengths of more than 8 M may be folded for easy transportation
  • Can be transported on top of several of our concrete batching plants which reduces transport costs
  • Controlled by the batching computer in the concrete batching plant
  • Easy to clean, maintain and service