In-line modular silo systems

In-line modular silo system

Tailored, modular solutions




fibo intercon designs and manufactures complete in-line modular silo systems for any purpose. 

All our in-line silo systems are modular. This makes it possible to create tailored solutions by combining individual elements and options in various ways. This flexible system also means that only limited time is required for setting up the system. 

The in-line modular silo systems can be combined with mixers of different sizes and various dosing systems.



  • Quick to set up and prepare for production
  • Some in-line modular silo systems can be designed so that they do not require a poured foundation - this makes it possible to move the systems as required
  • Short cycle time
  • Parallel dosing of sand, gravel, cement and water on condition that the mixer has a pre-vessel or hoist
  • Option of dosing directly in weigh belt
  • Gives a homogenous concrete quality