Mould frames/shutters

Mould frames/shutters


                    Planed profiles
                    Welding in steel sheet
                    Intermediate frames in aluminium



fibo intercon supplies planed profiles and profiles welded in steel sheet. Our intermediate frames can also be supplied in our specially designed aluminium profiles

The outer frames on the moulding tables can be placed on top of each other depending on the thickness of the elements. 

The separators between individual elements can be placed in extension of each other. This means that it is possible to work with different element heights. 

Aluminium intermediate frames are especially suited as separators between lightweight concrete elements. They are available in element thichnesses of 10, 12, 15, 17.5, 20 and 22 cm. The profiles are all 3 mm under nominal element measurements. Supplied as required in lenghts up to max. 6 M.



  • A flexible, modular system
  • Easy to handle during set-up
  • Can be customised