Vibration roller machines

Vibration roller machine

Vibration roller machines - standard
and customised solutions



Vibration roller machines for the compression and finishing of lightweight concrete elements and specialist products in lightweight concrete. 

The machine is structured on a solid frame construction with a separate internal, height-adjustable frame. The vibration drum is assembled on this frame.  

Our standard solutions have been designed to produce 3 M high wall elements and floor slabs measuring 60-120 cm in width. We can also manufacture vibration roller machines to particular specifications.



  • Can be used in combination with stationary moulding tables or circulation tables
  • The vibrator drum is equipped with the internal vibration units giving a unique and deep compression
  • The height of the vibrator drum is adjustable to the given element thickness
  • The rotation and speed of the vibrator drum across the concrete is adjustable. This provides optimum compression of concrete


Vibration roller machines can be delivered with the following options:

  • Frequency-regulated vibration
  • Concrete scraper
  • Wall tie markers
  • Automatic control