About Fibo Intercon

Fibo Intercon is a leading supplier of sustainability-driven, mobile concrete solutions. From developing and constructing fixed batching plants and element factories, we have directed our focus to innovation, mobility, digitization and sustainability. 

About us

Over the years, we have been developing and delivering high-quality solutions to customers all over the world. The products delivered have ranged from standard batching plants to unique customised solutions, and our batching plants have been used for both small and large-scale building projects

Fibo Intercon strives to provide quick and competent service. We have, therefore, developed our own partner network in several countries, and our service technicians are ready to go to your site and help you with the installation and servicing of your batching plant, and the training of your employees.

Find out more about Fibo Intercon’s strategy and history on these pages.

Our principles for our
sustainable commitment

Concrete of the future 
Fibo Intercon aims to be active in offering new concrete products with substantially lower emissions.

Go Digital 
Fibo Intercon develops, delivers and documents high-quality sustainable concrete by use of data and facts. 

Active network
Fibo Intercon is always curious and seeks like-minded partners for joining open and transparent sustainable business models. 

Director´s statement

Our focus is on our customers. Relationships matter to us.
Our quality management systems ensure, that our customers become our future ambassadors. 

Sustainability in concrete is our strategic goal.
Helping our customers and ourselves to reduce our carbon footprint is our path towards it. 


The future is green in the world of Fibo Intercon. 

Succes Virksomhed

With the “Successful company” business award, Spar Nord and BDO recognize the 1,000 Danish companies that are most successful in creating growth and superior financial results.

Out of Denmark’s more than 300,000 active companies, only a small sample can boast the title Success Company. They are pioneering companies that create development and inspiration both locally and throughout Danish business life.

To be considered for the award, companies must meet a number of criteria:

-Growth in their profit before tax over the past five years.
-Solvency ratio above 20% in the most recent financial year.
-Growth in equity measured over the past five years.
-The ability to create results with the given capital base.

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The gazelles show the way
for Danish business

The gazelles create jobs, growth and optimism, and they help secure the future of Danish business life.

Getting the title of Børsen Gazelle is an achievement that requires something out of the ordinary. 

The criterion for becoming a gazelle company is ambitious and clear:
Within four years, revenue or gross profit must grow by 100 per cent. or more.

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Vision & mission

Our vision

To be part of and contribute to the development of sustainable and affordable construction globally. 

Our mission

To construct and sell market-driven, innovative solutions of the highest quality and longevity within concrete and alternative construction materials. Working with Fibo Intercon must be goal-oriented, horizon-expanding and profitable. 

Our systems are based on modularity, technical skills and organizational competencies ensuring performance and environmentally friendly on-site construction, providing long-term financial benefits.


Fibo Intercon has been in existence for more than 70 years. It started out as a repair workshop, but for the last 40 years, the company has been developing and manufacturing different types of machinery.

Fibo Intercon is a leading supplier of sustainability-driven, mobile concrete solutions. From developing and constructing fixed batching plants and element factories, we have directed our focus to innovation, mobility, digitization and sustainability. 

On these pages, you can find out more about Fibo Intercon’s history and development. Click on the time period you are most interested in or read our whole history from beginning to end.

2022: New R&D test center
  • Highly technical and speciality concretes oftentimes need specific testing and adjustments of production equipment.   
  • Speciality aggregates and/or additives are tested and proven in a laboratory or in a small scale and require adaptations to achieve industrial proof of concept. 
  • New design mixes for specific applications need to be tested in a flexible production environment to reach their intended potential. 


The Fibo R&D Test Center was established to provide production testing capabilities to additive manufacturers, universities and materials researchers, construction and civil engineering companies, speciality cement manufacturers and many other companies looking to improve their processes or grow their business ideas from ‘bucket’ trials to industrial production. 

Fibo offers: 

  • Proof of Concept development and testing 
  • Empirical testing 
  • Batching equipment flexibility  
  • Digitalized test and production documentation 
  • Result-oriented planning and execution 


Contact us to discuss a specific topic with our R&D team. 


2020: The development of Fibo Collect

Fibo Collect is an automated concrete dispensing station that allows drive-through customers to purchase freshly prepared and documented concrete, mortar or screed, in just the required amounts. The target audience is everyone in need of smaller loads, from 0,15 m(150 litres), such as small contractors, landscapers, farmers, builders and DIYs.

From an easy-to-use, intuitive touch screen, customers choose the amount of the product they need and pay by credit card, bar code or RFID tag at the terminals next to the screen. Within minutes the product is dispensed from a conveyor belt, into a truck or trailer and a receipt is printed at the terminal. 

No more waiting for partial deliveries from Ready Mix plants. No more wasting time with mixing on-site or using expensive premixes. Combined with a significant reduction in COemissions due to less travel frequency and transport miles, Fibo Collect operators support their community’s efforts to create sustainable solutions and a circular economy.

An automated water cleaning system was added to the pan mixer to save time cleaning the plant at the end of the day. 

2019: Develops new software

Fibo Intercon develops a new concrete batching software called Fibo Link.

Fibo LINK is a state-of-the-art cloud-based concrete batching plant control system.
It has been developed over a two-year period by consulting with concrete mix design and quality assurance professionals.

The software controls the batching process of the Fibo concrete batching plant with the added benefit of sending all the data from each batch to the cloud database. This means the data is safe, it can be used for automating documentation, improving productivity, delivering live quality control and lots more.

2006-2008: The organisation grows

Fibo intercon grows rapidly after the acquisition of Inter Con and is designated a high-growth company (Gazelle-virksomhed) in 2006. The growth continues over the next two years, and the number of employees rises steadily. In 2008 fibo intercon is among the 252 Danish companies on the shortlist for Entrepreneur of the Year awarded by accountancy firm Ernst & Young.

2004-2005: Develops new batching plants

Fibo intercon develops two new mobile and semi-mobile batching plants. In 2004 the first winter plant is developed specially designed to mix concrete at temperatures as low as – 40 ºC. The year after the company develops a mobile dosing station designed for dosing aggregates at temperatures between 30-60 ºC.

2003: Mobile batching plants are added

Fibo maskiner a/s acquires the Danish company Inter Con which is a reputable supplier of mobile batching plants. Inter Con moves to the address in Videbaek and the Inter Con employees who want to move follow too. At the same time, the company is renamed fibo intercon a/s.

2000: Independent company

Optiroc A/S sells fibo maskiner to a group of employees. fibo intercon thereby becomes an independent limited company.

1998: New structure

Fibo A/S is divided into Fiboment A/S and Optiroc LWA. fibo maskiner runs under the latter and changes its name to Optiroc Fibo Maskiner.

The company is the only factory left in the machinery division.

1982: The company expands

Fibo maskiner moves to the Danish town Videbaek. 

Norsk Leca buys the majority shareholding in A/S Fibo, which changes its name to Fibo A/S.

The company starts intensive expansion in the following years. For fibo maskiner this means expansion of production with a new workshop, a new painting cabin and a new armouring facility.

1978: Pre-fab factory

A/S Fibo is divided into independent divisions. The repair workshop that later develops into fibo intercon is given the name of fibo maskiner. 

In the same year, fibo maskiner purchases the company, Videbaek Specialfabrik. fibo maskiner then becomes a reputable supplier of machinery and plants for the concrete industry in Denmark and for export.

1973: Production of elements

Production of light clinkers in Fiskbaek is discontinued. A/S Fibo sets up a new pre-fab factory in Fiskbaek.  

The repair workshop develops the roller and concrete spreader machines for the factory.

1968: Product innovation

In the middle of the 1960s, a pre-fab building element made of Fibo Lerklinkerbeton is developed.  

The repair workshop plays an active role in the development of a production concept and the production equipment that is to be used for the manufacture of the new whole-wall building elements.

1960-1967: Production moves


It turns out, against expectation, that there are only limited clay deposits in Fiskbaek. For a period the clay is therefore brought in from other locations in Jutland (a Danish peninsula). With time this however becomes unprofitable due to the distances involved. The production of FiboKlinker is therefore transferred to the plant in the Danish town, Oelst, where clay deposits are larger.

1952: Clay clinkers

Demand for brown coal and peat declines through the 1940s and the company has to rethink its business. 

Management decides to start production of clay clinkers and sets up a new clinker factory associated with the briquette factory in Fiskbaek. The company changes its name to A/S Fiskbaek Betonklinkerfabrik

The later fibo intercon continues as a repair workshop associated with the briquette factory.

1935: Repair workshop

The company starts as a repair workshop associated with Fiskbaek Briketfabrik (later A/S Fibo).

Production at this time is concentrated on brown coal and peat.


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Made in Denmark

Whatever brand name, product or activity it is related to, Made In Denmark is understood to represent innovation, design and quality.

We produce custom-made solutions at our own facilities in Denmark. Our plants have proven their value and durability throughout the company´s lifespan, which is more than 70 years.