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Concrete Articles

Welcome to our knowledge base and concrete articles. You will find articles on the follow topics. Concrete technology, concrete batching plant layouts, batching plant maintenance, recycling concrete, concrete plant and equipment, Concrete moulds, batching plant return on investment and fibo concrete batching plants.

Our concrete articles have been design to support your business. Your success and profitability is a key business driver for our business. The more successful you and your business is, the more successful our business will become. We are in business for the long term and building business relationships is important to us. We hope you find the articles interesting and useful.

Concrete Rebound Hammer Test

Concrete Testing Hammer Non Destructive Concrete Testing Hammer Concrete Testing Hammer - When concrete is in place and has cured but the strength of the concrete is in question a concrete rebound hammer test can be used to determine the strength. The other method is...

Concrete Disposal

Concrete Disposal Introduction to Concrete Disposal There are several methods to dispose of concrete from demolition sites. The best way depends on the scale and quantity of the material. For small quantities: Hire a skip and let someone else deal with it Hire a wagon...

Understanding Concrete Admixtures

Understanding Concrete Admixtures Introduction To Concrete Admixtures Understanding Concrete Admixtures - Concrete admixtures are a complex subject but it is very important to understand what admixtures are available and what they do.   Water reducing concrete...

Concrete Testing

Concrete testing Introduction To Concrete Testing Concrete Testing - Concrete is the most used construction material in the world but concrete companies are still getting it wrong, and it is costing them a lot of lost profit having to test cured concrete to prove it...

Concrete Workability

Concrete Workability and The Slump Test Introduction To Concrete Workability Concrete workability is the stiffness or fluidness of concrete when laying or pouring it into its final position. A stiff concrete mix may be used at the back of curbs and a fluid mix may be...

Concrete Batching Plant Productivity

Concrete Batching Productivity & Control Concrete Batching Plant Productivity Concrete Batching Plant Productivity - How much profit is being eaten away by waste and poor control in your concrete business?Concrete production is complex and has a lot of variables....

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