Revolutionizing the Industry: The Emergence of Concrete Drive Through Shop



Concrete is the most widely used building material in the world, and the industry is ripe for disruption. The emergence of concrete drive-through plants has created a buzz in the industry and is set to revolutionize the way small volumes of concrete are produced and delivered to building sites. In this article, we will explore the basics of concrete drive-through plants, their key benefits, and discuss how the fibo Collect: Concrete Drive Through Plant works and what differentiates it in the market.

What is a Concrete Drive Through (or Drive Thru) Plant?

A concrete drive-through plant is a combination of concrete batching plant equipment and new technology that allows the user to choose and then mix the exact amount of concrete at the push of a button. These plants are capable of mixing and dispensing concrete in an efficient and timely way. With the help of a user-friendly interface and advanced sensors, the plants offer a faster, more precise, and automated alternative solution to the time-intensive process of manual mixing or getting concrete delivered to the site.

The use of the term “Drive Through” or “Drive Thru” refers to the nature in which customers can simply drive under a discharge point, collect concrete, and then drive away in minutes. In many cases the user is required to get out of their vehicle for a short period however as technology evolves there are some cases where this is not required.

Whilst some concrete drive-through plant can offer larger production volumes it is important to appreciate that due to the workability and cost of ready-mix concrete the concrete drive-through plants offer a more efficient solution when smaller volumes of concrete are required i.e. more than 0.1m³ but less than 1m³.

Benefits of Concrete Drive Through Plants For The End User

Here is a summary of benefits that using a concrete drive-through plant for small quantities offers to end users.

Dynamic mix
A variety of concrete recipes can be offered for the user to choose from. Some concrete drive-through plants like the ‘fibo Collect’ have built-in cleaning technology so users can also mix mortar recipes from the same system.

Mixing technology means that mixing and pouring of concrete can be delivered within minutes.

Reduced labor costs
There is no need for users to employ a person to mix on site.

Cost effective
Users only need to pay for what they use.

The user can simply turn up and collect, there is no need to book in advance.

High quality and consistent mix
Cutting-edge batching technology ensures all recipes can achieve a high level of consistency offering the user the same end product every time.

The Environmental Benefits Of Using Concrete Drive Through Plants

The rising CO2 impact of cement waste and heavy environmental tax on delivering small quantities to the site can be addressed by using Drive Through concrete plants. Here are some ways they support the environment:

Cement Waste Reduction
The production of cement carries a significant carbon footprint, making it crucial to avoid wastage. Most sophisticated drive-through systems can accurately weigh in material which ensures there is minimal waste during the local production process. In comparison the popular method of ‘self-mixing on site’ is said to be much more wasteful due to the over ordering and waste of cement bags to facilitate the mixing process.

Transport Efficiency
By conveniently positioning concrete drive-throughs in accessible areas we are able to encourage people who may have previously driven to larger ready-mix facilities to reduce their transport miles and collect concrete on their regular routes. In addition, we can take away the need for larger vehicles to be on the road delivering small portions of concrete to site.

Water Recycling
Some concrete drive through systems such as the fibo Collect have self-cleaning technology combined with a water recycling system to promote sustainability and reducing water consumption during the manufacturing process.

How The fibo Collect: Concrete Drive Through Plants Different To The Rest?

The fibo Collect is an enhanced concrete drive-through plant capable of producing concrete, mortar, screed and even loose aggregates. The system has been crafted with cutting-edge technology that redefines the industry standard, achieving a harmonious blend of automation and control that not only saves time and resources but also elevates the product to meet the most stringent of standards.

Automated Cleaning at its Prime:
The plants offers a seamless post-batch experience with an integrated high-pressure pan mixer wet-cleaning system. Combine this with a second automated release hatch to guarantee no residue, and most importantly, no contamination.

Sustainability Redefined:
A built-in washout recycling system. This innovative feature not only promotes sustainable practices but also feeds the recycled water back into the mixing process, maximising efficiency and increasing sustainability.

Stay Connected, Stay in Control:
The power of remote access gives you the control in the palm of your hand. With just a login, you can monitor production, tweak recipes, and receive real-time alerts through SMS or email from anywhere.

Smart Tech, Secure Data:
Cloud-based data storage ensures your delivery notes and production data are safely backed up, with the added convenience of generating PDFs and CSV files for future reference.

EN-206 Certified Excellence:
The plant gives customers a gateway to producing concrete that meets the prestigious EN-206 certification – The ability to meet certification is the responsibility of the operator but the fibo plant gives customers the springboard to achieve excellence.

Diversify into Aggregates from one Platform:
Expand your product range effortlessly with the integration of loose aggregates and a rotating conveyor belt, managed with intuitive control from the same fibo Collect terminal.

Fibre Dosing Precision:
Automatic fibre dosing with synthetic fibres can be added on to help expand offering and give customers complete control.

Moisture-sensing technology:
The adoption of precisive moisture measurement and water adjustment built into the technology.

Safety First, Always:
Every aspect of the plant – from the conveyor belt to the control panel – is designed with the operator’s well-being in mind. Cement dust filters can be added to reduce air pollution and further enhance safety for both the operator and the end user.

Tailored to Perfection:
Every production environment has a unique set of needs. The fibo Collect is a platform for customisation. Adapt layout and add optional modifications such as the bulk bag aggregate unloader or the L-shaped conveyor belt to tailor the plant to your specific environmental requirements.

The fibo Collect concrete drive through is more than just a concrete drive through ; it is an expansion opportunity built to give customers the power of choice whilst achieving the highest levels of efficiency and sustainability in concrete production.


The emergence of concrete drive through plants has brought revolutionary changes to the construction industry. The plants offer a fully automated and precise solution to the labor-intensive manual mixing process. With the ability to dispense the exact amount of concrete required, reduce wastage, and contribute to the environment, concrete drive through plants are the way of the future. The fibo Collect: Concrete Drive Through Plant offers a user-friendly, fully automated, and precise solution to the concrete mixing process. It is an excellent investment for any construction company that aims to boost productivity, save time and labor costs while delivering high-quality products consistently.

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