Yorkshire’s First Drive-Through For Concrete, Mortar & Screed Collections Set To Make Its Grand Debut In Calverley!


Local independent business, Palmer Nurseries will be Yorkshire’s first organisation to unveil a fully automated batching plant from its Calverley site later this year.

Local landscapers, builders and DIY’ers can say goodbye to guesswork, because at Palmer Nurseries they will have the power to collect the perfect amount of concrete, mortar, and screed at the precise moment they need it with just the push of a button. The whole process has been engineered to help people in the community save both TIME and MONEY whilst having a positive impact on the environment.

Customers will be able place orders from as little as 0.25m and can get serviced in under 5 minutes!

About Palmer Nurseries

A family business based in Leeds, Palmer Nurseries are a hard and soft Landscaping company creating eco-friendly green spaces for over 50 years for commercial and residential clients. Starting in 1970, armed with a wheelbarrow and a dream, John Palmer started out the journey that ultimately led Palmer Nurseries  to where they are today. Over the years their family-led and future-focused ethos has been critical to the company’s success, investing in the latest vehicles, machinery, and software to help customers achieve their ideal outdoor space.

Palmer Nurseries has a forward-looking perspective for the next 50 years, ensuring their business success is paired with their focus on the environment. Their commitment to recycling and processing green waste is driven by an unwavering dedication to sending zero waste to landfill. It is a goal they are already close to achieving.

Managing director Adam Palmer discovered the fibo Collect technology earlier this year after its successful launch in Builders Merchants across the UK. His keen eye recognised the positive influence it could have on customers’ lives, especially in the landscaping industry. Without hesitation, he travelled to Denmark, the land of green innovation, to witness the technology first-hand.

“When we spotted the technology earlier this year I was immediately drawn to the potential it had to help our local customers save both time and money whilst also being more sustainable. We are very proud to be the first core landscaping business in the UK to adopt this solution and of course the first ones in Yorkshire.”
(Adam Palmer, Director)

The customer challenge:

Builders, landscapers, and DIYers who require small to medium loads of concrete, mortar, or screed typically have three options:

1. On-site mixing: This route can be costly and time-consuming.

2. Collection from the local ready-mix plant: This option leads to problems with waiting times and complications when special mixes are needed.

3. Delivery to the site by volumetric trucks: By far the most popular choice, although customers often face minimum order charges, waste disposal issues, and waiting time problems.

Introducing fibo Collect – A Fully Automated Self-Service Batching Plant, designed with a strong focus on environmental sustainability.

How will it work:

To access the collection service at Palmers, customers can follow a straightforward 3-step method :

1. Upon arrival, place an order and receive a barcode.

2. Position your vehicle or tub under the conveyor belt.

3. To initiate the mixing process, scan your barcode at the fibo Collect touch screen terminal.

For small concrete loads under 0.8m, the entire mixing and pouring process can be completed in less than 5 minutes. Larger loads may vary.

Environmental Benefits:

Concrete is one of the most widely used materials on the planet, with an annual production that exceeds 10 billion tons. Through sustainable practices, the collect model offers an eco-conscious alternative to conventional site mixing and delivery options. The fibo Collect machine incorporates key features to promote environmental friendliness:
– Water Recycling System: Ensures efficient decontamination and reuse of water resources.
– Dosing Accuracy: Guarantees precise amounts of cement, sand, and aggregate, minimising waste.
– Transport Reduction: Strategically located at Palmers, customers can collect their materials on existing trips, reducing transport distance and achieving significant CO2 savings.

Collection Methods:

Customers will be able to collect their concrete, mortar or screed in two ways :

  • On the back of a trailer or flatbed truck.
  • Into a mortar tub which can be loaded onto a truck or van at the branch.

Benefits To The Local Community:

This new acquisition is set to bring about many benefits to members of the local community.

  • Cost-effective solution – Only pay for what you use.
  • Time-saving solution – Don’t wait around. The mixing and pouring cycle is under 5 minutes.
  • Hassle-free – just turn up and collect, no need to book.
  • Convenience – collect when you’re coming to pick up other products. Kill two birds with one stone.
  • Order from as little as 0.25m3 or as much as you like. The machine can make up to 16m3 an hour.
  • Dynamic mix – options include various concrete, mortar or screed recipes.
  • Adaptable – Collect on the back of your van or using a mortar tub.
  • Automated mixing technology – cutting-edge control panel ensures all recipes are high quality and consistent.
  • Additive control – control the workability and setting time of material.
  • Environmentally friendly – The solution is less wasteful than traditional methods and reduces the transport miles in concrete.

About fibo Collect:

The machines are manufactured by fibo intercon a/s, a Danish outfit that is internationally recognised as a leading global partner in innovative concrete technology. ‘fibo Collect’ has helped the company secure several digital innovation awards and was initially launched in the UK market in late 2022, Thorncliffe Building Supplies in North Wales were the first customer launching in February 2023.

“When we looked at the UK market we saw a huge opportunity to tackle the customer challenge posed by concrete delivery. Our solution ultimately gives you more choice: Choose exactly what recipes, how much you want to collect, and even how you want to pay. We are also highly motivated to learn how the collection model can help support sustainability by reducing waste in the production process and lowering omissions in the transport process.”
(Henrik Jeppessen, Fibo Intercon CEO)

fibo Collect key features:

Automated payment terminal with touchscreen technology.
Payment options are set by the vendor and include:
• Prepaid (in-store) barcode
• Credit card at the plant (payment kiosk)
• RFID chip for regular account customers

Self-cleaning mixing pan: A fully automated internal washing system that cleans the pan mixer immediately after a batch is delivered ready for the next batch and a new recipe.

Waste recycling unit: A unit that separates the washout materials from the water and reconditions the water for use in another concrete batch.

In-person and remote recipe programming: Up to 60 recipes using up to four different additives.

Time-to-refill alarms: Silo levels are measured using weight cells and refill alarms are triggered by email and SMS.

Maintenance control panel: A screen is used to identify faults, programme recipes ad hoc and view service schedules.

Modem connectivity: Allowing the machine to be cloud-based and accessible for remote support. This technology also allows for making delivery and production notes for each batch available in the Fibo cloud, as either pdf or CSV.

Productivity data monitoring: Output data on usage is sent via the cloud to be read remotely.

For more information on fibo Collect, you can download the brochure using the link below

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