Enhancing the fibo Collect plant for expanded offerings



At Fibo Intercon, we’re committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends. The demand for versatile concrete solutions and expanded product offerings is on the rise, and we’re here to meet that demand with cutting-edge technology.

Unleash Versatility

With the Fibo Collect Plant, you’re in control. You can craft concrete, mortar, and screed in a myriad of qualities tailored to you and your customers exact specifications. This flexibility is at the core of the fibo Collect plant ensuring your concrete business thrives.

Expanding Horizons

The Inliner expansion opens doors to new possibilities. Not only can you produce a wide range of concrete mixes, but you can also sell various aggregates to meet the diverse needs of your clients. This enhancement provides a significant boost to your storage capacities.

Clean and Efficient Delivery

Selling aggregates is made hassle-free with the fibo Collect Plant. Our advanced belt system bypasses the mixer, guaranteeing a clean and efficient delivery of aggregates. This ensures that your customers receive top-quality materials without any compromise.

As part of our dedication to providing well-informed insights, here are some industry trends to keep in mind:

Sustainability Matters

The construction industry is increasingly focused on sustainability. Offering a variety of aggregates and cleaner delivery methods aligns with these eco-conscious trends.

Client-Centric Solutions

Customization is key. Our Inliner upgrade empowers you to offer tailor-made concrete solutions, which can set you apart in a competitive market.

Operational Efficiency

The bypass system ensures efficient operations and saving time whitout compromising the quality.

To stay ahead in the competitive construction market, it’s essential to adapt to evolving customer demands. The Fibo Collect Plant with Inliner can play a pivotal role in your business strategy.

We believe in offering solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Fibo Intercon, where innovation meets concrete.

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Over the years, we have been developing and delivering high-quality solutions all over the world. Our solutions have been ranged from standard mobile batching plants to unique customised solutions, and our batching plants have been used for both small and large-scale building projects.


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