Accessories that Provide Financial Benefits



fibo’s mechanical and digital accessories are optimized for stable and flexible production with high accuracy and minimal errors and misblends. This helps to reduce material consumption, minimize maintenance, and ensure a high utilization rate.

Accurate Load Cells and Beckhoff Control – reduce waste and misblends.

Flow and Watt Meters – ensure high accuracy and reduce mixing time, resulting in less waste and lower water and energy consumption.

Online fibo Link – enables remote support and quick service, reducing the need to wait for service technicians and ensuring high uptime.

Adjustable Mixing Arms and Side Scrapers – ensure the quality of the mix and reduce waste.

Chemical Pump with Flow Meters – reduces water and cement consumption due to optimal dosing of additives.

Software – with unique software features, the best conditions for concrete mixing, including for 3DCP, are created.

Select The Batching Plant For Your Project

Over the years, we have been developing and delivering high-quality solutions all over the world. Our solutions have been ranged from standard mobile batching plants to unique customised solutions, and our batching plants have been used for both small and large-scale building projects.


Let’s take your next steps together!

The design of your Fibo solution is often complex. Our technical sales team can support you in selecting a suitable layout and equipment to optimise your productivity and business.