How To Make Concrete Blocks

Learn the production process to make interlocking blocks

How To Make Concrete Interlocking Blocks

This article is about the process of making concrete interlocking blocks.

The first thing to do is to watch the video in full as it describes the process in detail showing you all the tricks you need to know to produce large quantities of blocks.

The process is very simple when you know how.

Having the right plant and equipment is essential for productivity.

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Watch The Video

The Process

Watch the video to learn the process of making concrete interlocking blocks. The video explains the detail but the overview is as follows:

Day 1

  1. Make pallets for the blocks to be cast on (Detail on the video)
  2. Assemble the block mould on the pallet
  3. Apply release oil to the sides of the mould
  4. Pour the concrete and vibrate with a poker to release the air for compaction


Day 2

  1. Strip the mould and re-assemble on a new pallet. Leave the block on the first pallet and move to cure for another day.
  2. Repeat steps 3 and 4 above


Day 3

  1. Remove the block from the first pallet from the first day casting and store to cure for one week
  2. Strip the mould from day two and re-assemble on the pallet from day one casting.
  3. Repeat steps 3 and 4 above

You need twice as many pallets as moulds for the process to work.

How To Make Concrete Blocks
How To Make Concrete Blocks

Block Images

How To Make Concrete Blocks
How To Make Concrete Blocks
How To Make Concrete Blocks
How To Make Concrete Blocks

Buying The Plant and Equipment

You can buy the plant and equipment to produce your own concrete interlocking blocks from Fibo Intercon.

We can supply you with everything you need to produce blocks and sell concrete to other contractors and even batch the concrete on site.

With Fibo Finance we can even give you twelves months without having pay anything. Fibo finance is a great way to kick start a business or even start a business. We can supply you with:


  • 800 x 800 and 600 x 600 moulds
  • B1200 batching plant
  • Big cement bag silo
  • 8m x 1m conveyor
  • Block lifter 
  • Block turner
  • Vibrating poker
  • Lifting bolts
  • Lifting clutches


Get a Price


With Fibo FINANCE you can buy the plant and use it for twelve months before you have to pay for it. Ask us about Fibo Finance when you talk to us.

How To Sell Lots of Blocks

The secrete of a successful business is the ability to be able to sell lots of product.

It’s one thing making the blocks, it’s a different thing selling them.

Here at Fibo Intercon, we are very good at marketing as you can see.

We can help you sell lot’s of concrete blocks using marketing collateral we have developed.

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