Precast Concrete Factory Setup

Precast concrete factory setup. Read the article below to learn how to set up a precast concrete factory.

Modular Precast Concrete Factory Production Setup

Fibo designs, engineers and installs complete precast concrete production plants for the manufacture of all types of precast concrete panels.

Fibo is the ideal partner for your project, whatever the size and scale.

Not only do we design the spreader, finishing, roller plant, we also design and build concrete batching plant to the highest quality.

With over 70 years of experience designing and manufacturing precast concrete factory plant, you can be assured we know what we are doing. We have many case studies we can show you.

Precast Concrete Spreader

We supply a standard concrete spreader with rubber belt extraction or with gate at the bottom of the container. The concrete container can be rotated 360 degrees and moved transversely to ensure that the whole casting area is covered.

The concrete spreader with bottom gate is equipped with a scraper at the outlet. The container can also be raised/lowered to allow the concrete to be spread at the required thickness.

We supply concrete spreaders in several sizes and with various options.



Concrete spreader can be delivered:

  • Assembled on a travers crane, half portal or whole portal
  • With concrete levelling beam with vibration and radio controls

Precast Concrete Finisher

The concrete finishing machine automatically finishes the concrete surface to a smooth or textured finish.

Once the concrete has been laid and levelled off, using the spreader plant, it is allowed to reach its initial set. The concrete at this stage is just becoming hard but the surface can still be worked. Tests can be carried out on a sample of the concrete to inform the operator the concrete is ready for the finishing process.

The test probes a sample of concrete with a needle or pin, and the depth of penetration gives the result. The deeper the needle penetrates the concrete the wetter the concrete is. When the needle only penetrates two to three millimetres then the operator knows the concrete has reached its initial set.

The machine has a number of rotating trowels that are set at just the right load to smooth off and polish the concrete surface.

A software program runs the operation giving a number of passes over the bed that is required to obtain the surface finish required. The number of passes and the finish comes from experience. The program can also be set to manual for the final finishing touches.

Tailored concrete surface finishers for the polishing and finishing of concrete elements.

The concrete surface finisher is assembled on a solid frame. It is supplied customised and with individually adjustable plates.

Watch the video to see how the machine works.

Complete the form to get a price for the machine. We have built many machines over the years and give you an approximate budget for your project that can be firmed up.

What To Do Next


Complete the form and we will reach out to you to discus your project and the next next step.

The design and manufacture of a precast concrete factory can be a challenge. Our engineering staff can give you advise and support not only to kick start your project but to hold your hand through the whole process.

High quality planing will deliver a high quality and productive concrete factory.

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Precast Concrete Factory Setup

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