Resource Optimization: Introducing New Recycling Solutions



In an era where recycling and minimizing resource consumption are paramount, we are constantly striving to improve our facilities and develop new solutions. At fibo Intercon, this is a goal that propels our innovation forward. One of our recent strides in this direction is the expansion of our product range with a new recycling solution: the recycling screw conveyor.

Until now our fibo Collect facilities have offered customers the option to purchase a recycling water tank for filtering wash water, enabling the reuse of water in new concrete mixtures. This solution has been a valuable resource saver and is of course still a part of our product range, but we always aim to take it a step further.

With the introduction of the recycling screw conveyor, we are expanding our commitment to sustainability and resource optimization. This innovative unit is designed to separate water from material residues from the mixing tub, opening up even greater possibilities for reuse.

The recycling screw conveyor operates by filtering out large particles from the water, while smaller particles are collected in two separate tanks. The purified water is then pumped directly back into the facility, ready for use in new concrete mixtures. Simultaneously, all material residues are collected in separate tanks, where they can be dried and eventually crushed if necessary for reuse in the production of new concrete.

This process with the recycling screw conveyor ensures that the material is sorted by type, increasing reuse opportunities and minimizing waste. By implementing such a solution, we are not only taking a step further in our sustainability efforts but also creating a more efficient and resource-saving production environment.

Industry Trends and Future Perspectives

Within the construction industry, sustainability has become a key factor in both product development and operations. With a growing focus on environmental impact and resource management, companies are forced to innovate and adapt to meet these challenges.

Recycling solutions like our recycling screw conveyor reflect a broader trend in the industry towards a more circular approach to resource management. By integrating recycling into the production process, companies not only reduce their environmental footprint but also achieve economic benefits through resource savings and improved efficiency.

In the future, this trend is expected to accelerate, as both consumers and regulators continue to push for more sustainable practices. Companies that manage to incorporate sustainability into their business model will be better equipped to meet future requirements and gain competitive advantages in the market.


With the launch of our recycling screw conveyor, we are taking another step towards a more sustainable future for the construction industry. By optimizing resource consumption and reducing waste, we are paving the way for a more efficient and responsible production process.

As industry trends clearly demonstrate, sustainability is no longer just an option but a necessity. Companies that take the initiative to integrate recycling and resource optimization into their operations will not only achieve environmental benefits but also strengthen their competitive position in the long run.

By continuing to innovate and adapt to future challenges, we remain steadfast in our commitment to a more sustainable and responsible future for our industry and the planet as a whole.

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