Revolutionize Building Projects with fibo Collect: The Future of Concrete, Mortar, and Screed



In the construction industry, traditional on-site mixing of concrete or mortar has long been a standard practice, especially for smaller volumes under 0.5m³. It’s a task many builders and landscapers regard as a necessary but cumbersome part of their projects, often accepted just because “it’s always been done that way”. However, the challenges associated with on-site mixing, from preparation to post-production, can significantly impact both efficiency and costs.

The Challenges of On-Site Mixing

When breaking down the on-site mixing process into stages – Preparation, Production, and Post Production – several issues emerge:

• Acquiring and setting up the right equipment can be time-consuming and messy, adding unnecessary delays.
• Procuring materials like sand and gravel is not only costly but adds another layer of logistical planning.

• The labour-intensive nature of manually dosing materials increases project timelines.
• Ensuring consistent mix quality can be fraught with difficulty, impacted by factors such as water and electricity supply or changing weather conditions.

• Material wastage is common, particularly with cement, which can lead to increased project costs.
• Clean-up processes are both laborious and time-consuming, further delaying project completion.

Introducing fibo Collect: Drivethru Concrete, Mortar or Screed

fibo Collect introduces a game-changing solution to these challenges, streamlining every stage of the process with a focus on efficiency and quality.

• Ordering is simplified through an intuitive system, allowing users to select from up to 60 mix recipes seamlessly at the touch of a button.
• The hassle of set-up is virtually eliminated, with a drive-thru system designed to speed up collection without the mess.

• Clients benefit from a consistently high-quality mix, thanks to precise automated dosing.
• Adding additives directly from the machine ensures prolonged workability of mortars, enhancing on-site flexibility.
• The entire collection process is dramatically quicker, taking less than five minutes from start to finish, with minimal health and safety concerns.

• A significant reduction in waste and packaging enhances sustainability and reduces clean-up time.
• Maintenance is minimized, leaving professionals to focus on their project rather than cleaning equipment.

Experience Efficiency like Never Before

fibo Collect is not just a solution; it’s the future of construction materials preparation. By addressing the inefficiencies of traditional on-site mixing, it offers construction professionals a smoother, faster, and more cost-effective method. 

From preparation through to post-production, the advantages of switching to fibo Collect are clear.

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