New options for fibo Collect plants



Continuous expansion of accessories for our systems is part of our DNA. The latest additions to the fibo Collect systems are a shielding under the control cabinet and a lid for hoppers with electric opening, both of which can be retrofitted to existing systems

Cover under control cabinet

We have developed a cover under the control cabinet which can be used for hiding for example smaller canisters with additives, og just improve the look of your fibo Collect plant.

Lid for hopper with electric opening

Introducing a new lid with an electrical opening function for hoppers with extended sides, as an alternative to the current cover. This lid is easy to operate when refilling hoppers and effectively protects the contents from rain, minimizing humidity changes.

Chute for recycling water tank

The chute for recycling water tank replaces the funnel for the recycling tank and makes it possible to move the recycling tank for easier access to the bag in the first chamber.

Select The Batching Plant For Your Project

Over the years, we have been developing and delivering high-quality solutions all over the world. Our solutions have been ranged from standard mobile batching plants to unique customised solutions, and our batching plants have been used for both small and large-scale building projects.


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