Tetrapod Concrete

Tetrapod concrete blocks are used in sea defences. Read the article below to learn how to cost a tetrapod project.

Tetrapod Concrete Production and Cost Analysis

Sea Defence

Concrete tetrapods are used in sea defence.

The size of the tetrapod’s depend on the location and purpose of use. Sea defences are normally designed by coastal civil engineers who will determine the size and number of the pods.

The pods are normally made from a coastal concrete design mix with a high content of cement and hard aggregate for durability.

To reduce cost it is normal to set up a onsite precast concrete production process. The reduced cost come from transporting heavy pods that can weight up to 25 ton each. bring cement, sand and aggregate to the location site is far more economical.

Read the content below or watch the video for a full explanation of the production process and the cost analysis.

Tetrapod Concrete Mould

Steel Mould

The mould are made from steel and weigh from half a tonne to several ton. A crane is required to move the mould on site and to lift the parts to strip and build the shutter. The mould are built in a number of countries.


Cost Example

The cost analysis below is an example to support you calculate your project costs.


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Tetrapod Concrete Moulds

Tetrapod Concrete Sizes


The table on the right show the available tetrapod moulds and the volume of concrete required to cast each one.

To calculate an example we have used the following assumptions.



5,000 Number 5 Ton Tetrapod’s Required

25 Tetrapod mould = 200 production days

Volume of concrete per day = 25 x 2.08m3 = 52 m3

Concrete Plant required Fibo C1200 10 m3/hr

6 hour concrete shift = 60 m3 per day

Tetrapod Concrete

Tetrapod Concrete Cost Calculation

Plant Budget

Budget cost of concrete plant set up $150,000

Budget cost of tetrapod’s 25 x $5,500 = $137,500

Total production plant = $287,500

Scrap value to sell on completion of project $140,000

Plant cost to project $147,500

Plant cost per unit = $147,500 / 5000 = $29.50

Tetrapod Concrete

Tetrapod Concrete Cost Calculation

Unit Price

Concrete 2.08 m3 x $76.59 = $159.30
Plant cost                                $29.50
Total                                        $188.80 per unit

Project Tetrapod Budget 5,000 units @ $188.80 = $944,000

The Cost Driver is the Concrete Material Budgets


What To Do Next

The prices on this page are a guide only as prices will change from country to country. The prices are based on 2019 UK prices.

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Tetrapod Concrete

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