Wind Farm Foundation Solutions

 Wind farm foundation solutions for remote sites and offshore

Wind Farm Foundation Solutions

Remote Wind Farm Foundation Construction

The location of wind farms is generally remote with no concrete batching plant in the area.

Fibo Intercon mobile batching plant is an ideal solution whether the quantity is 300 m³ or 1500 m³ of concrete required per pour.

Fibo has a batching plant to deliver the concrete on demand.

The Fibo solution can be far more economical than traditional batching plants.

The concrete is high quality with weight batching, and with Fibo LINK every batch is stored in the cloud. The data can then be printed out as delivery and conformity documents for every batch.

Offshore Wind Farm Gravity Foundations

Dock Yard Concrete Batching

When a project is for a short duration, it makes sense to build a semi-mobile batching plant on the dockyard.

When using several F2200 mobile batching plants, you have lots of options and flexibility. Concrete outs put from 62 m³ per hour to 186 m³ per hour.

Not only can you produce large quantities, but the solution is also far more economical than a traditional batching plant.

Be in control with concrete on demand.

No pit or ramps required, the plant sits on flat ground and can be ready for producing concrete under a day from delivery of the plant.

For more details on batching output, review the table below:


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F2200 Batching Plant Outputs

Dry Mix

You can see the F2200 dry mix outputs is 62 m³ per hour, delivering 496 m³ during an eight-hour shift. The dry mix is weight batched and only mixed for 10 seconds after all the materials have been batched into the pan mixer. The drum mixer truck then completes the mixing process. This allows the F2200 to achieve the output. As you can see from the table, you can add more F2200 plants to produce large daily outputs. This is a very economical solution as the plant can be moved to other sides during low output periods.


Wet Mix

The dry mix output is not as high as the dry mix outputs as the mixer runs for a minute to mix the concrete. This slows down the production to the numbers in the table.

Batching Plant Outputs

The F2200 Wind Farm Batching Plant

The F2200 mobile batching plant has a capacity of 25-62 m³/h. The capacity is 25-60 m³/h for production of ordinary dry and wet mix concrete. For the production of stabilised earth concrete, a capacity of 50-80 m³/h is possible.

The batching plant is mounted on a joint steel frame.

The plant consists of an agitator pan mixer. 2 integrated twin hoppers for 2 x 2 types of aggregate. 2 x 2 separate feed belts. Water supply. Load cells. Dosing equipment and control unit for batching computer.

The batching plant is delivered with an additive pump and a high-pressure cleaner.

Fibo batching plant is plug and go. This means set up is fast and straightforward. if you want to move the plant to another location, it can be moved, set up and in full production within a few hours.

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