Focus on healthy working environment



Reuse, recycling, and extending the lifespan of products are crucial aspects when we discuss sustainable management of the earth’s resources. But we can also optimize the working environment around our facilities is of great importance. Integrated technologies that can automate processes, reduce environmental impact, and improve the working environment around the plant are of great importance for those working around the plant, but also from a more global perspective.

One of the most significant technologies is the installation of dust filters that effectively limit the emission of cement dust into the environment. By reducing the dust released during operation, we not only improve the air quality in the vicinity of the plant, but we also create a better working environment for the staff.

Another option to ease the work around the plant can be an automatic washing function in the mixer. The automatic wash function will ensure the mixer is clean with each batch and prevent cross-contamination with materials from previous mixes. In addition, the automatic wash function in a fibo plant will prevent the build-up of concrete residue in the mixer throughout the day, so there is no partially hardened concrete residue to be removed before the system is shut down for the night. This reduces the time needed for final cleaning and saves working hours.

Select The Batching Plant For Your Project

Over the years, we have been developing and delivering high-quality solutions all over the world. Our solutions have been ranged from standard mobile batching plants to unique customised solutions, and our batching plants have been used for both small and large-scale building projects.


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