Concrete Batching Plant Price Calculator

Get a price for your new or used concrete batching plant using this simple calculator.

Batching Plant output from 5m3 to 60m3 per hour.

Complete the form to calculate the best batching plant and price for your requirement.

To work out the ideal plant and to calculate your price we need some basic information. Complete the form below and the calculator will work out the correct plant and give you a budget price. All form fields with * need to be completed.


Just in case you are not sure how to answer the questions:

  1. Production per year? – We need to know how much concrete you plan to produce to allow us to work out the size of the plant you need.
  2. Number of aggregates and sands in the recipe? – The answer to this question will tell us how many aggregate storage bins you will need.
  3. Number of additives in the recipe? – The answer to the question will determine how many additive pumps you will need.
  4. Your current price of ready mix concrete? – When we know how much your customers pay for ready mix concrete, we can calculate your return on investment.

Once we have the information below the calculator will give you the best plant to suit your basic requirement and give you a price.



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