Agricultural Concrete Batching Plant

Fibo Intercon helped construct a huge agricultural facility in Russia, with a total cost of 100 million Euros.

Agricultural Concrete Batching Plant – According to the Russian Presidential Program for the Improvement of Agriculture in Russia, there was a wish to construct a huge agricultural facility in the Borisoglebsk area of the Yaroslavl Region, specialising in milk production.

The project involved the construction of seven dairy complexes, each for 2.400 dairy cows, and a milk processing plant with the capacity of 350 tons per day, on an area of about 100 hectares.

This unique dairy complex is the largest in Europe, with a total cost of 6,4 billion rubles or 100 million euros.

The project was constructed in the scope of a 3-party contract between the Yaroslavl Regional government, Borisoglebsk area administration and the Voschazhnikovo agricultural company.

The main contractor selected a Fibo Intercon Batching Plant M2200 for the construction. The M2200 was chosen for reliability and the flexibility of the set up.

Agricultural Concrete Batching Plant

Production Planning

Due to the very tight construction schedule, the plant was working in 3 shifts, 24 hours a day, for one whole year without any maintenance and cleaning.

It is a testimony to how well Fibo Intercon’s equipment works – even in the most difficult circumstances.

Due to the tight construction schedule, our service engineers were called to service the agricultural batching plant and equipment when the first facility was finished.

Once our servicemen finished the job, the plant was in good working condition, despite the poor maintenance and absence of cleaning on the batching plant.

The machine had produced 218.400 m3 of concrete before its first service.

When the service engineers were finished, the batching plant was moved 1 km away and during the next year it constructed a second facility working 3 shifts, 24 hours a day.

The fact that a Fibo Intercon plant does not need any foundation to be set up means great savings in moving and start-up times.


Mobile Concrete Batching Plant M2200

The M-model is a wheel-mounted, mobile concrete batching plant assembled on a joint triple-axle bogie trailer with a turnable front axle. 

The M-model is often preferred in those construction areas that are usually required to change location, more than once a year, or where the project spreads over a larger area. The plant can be moved from site to site very easily maximising productivity and plant utilisation.

Our product range of M-models is comprised of two types of different capacities 1800 and 2200 Liters.

The M-model is a mobile concrete batching plant with 4 hoppers. Built on a solid frame, with wheels and a pulling hook that allow for easy moveability. The batching plant features different size mixers, very precise dosing, and many options to produce any kind of concrete required.

As a result, Fibo Intercon mobile batching plant will precisely produce the required amount of concrete, without waste of time or materials.


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