Machine Renovation for Carlsbjerg Beams

Before The Batching Plant Renovation

Batching plant renovation. In connection with the relocation of Carlsberg Beams to our new production hall at Hammershøj Teglværk, we asked Fibo Intercon, to renovate our existing mixing plant.

The mixing plant plays a key role in the production of overlays, and it is essential to have a concrete batching plant that is reliable.

Although the mixing plant was only a “few” years old, we had to admit that it had not been cleaned and maintained correctly.

We decided the plant needed renovating and asked Fibo for a recommendation.

We agree a price and took the machine back to the Fibo factory for the work to be done.

The work only took a few days and fibo kept us informed as the work progressed.

Batching Plant Renovation

After The Renovation

Batching Plant Renovation

After the renovation, the plant is as good as new. We have put a line in the sand for the operator who is keen to keep the plant clean and well maintained, so it does not look like it did before the renovation.

We also benefited from the advice and guidance given by Fibo Intercon in how the plant is to be serviced, maintained and cleaned.

Fibo Intercon also provided advice and guidance during startup of the plant, which has been highly appreciated by operators who operate the plant daily.

We now feel better equipped to handle the page tasks associated with the operation of a mixing plant and look forward to taking our ”new” mixing plants into our new production hall.

After Sales Services

Fibo Intercon offers our customers services throughout the product life cycle for long term benefits and reliable partnership.

Our service personnel can provide full support on-site and is ready to assist with the installation and servicing of plant and equipment.

We also offer a wide range of spare parts and training programs to give our customers a solid base to successfully operate and maintain their solution throughout its life time.

Fibo Intercon supply a large range of high quality concrete batching plant with a dosing accuracy of +-3% for standard machines and +-1% for our pre-weighing machines.

Your Partner in Concrete Solutions

Fibo intercons concrete batching plant is the best avalible on the market, it is a well thougt out solution, designed to provide optimum flexibility, performance and operating efficiency.

It does not require a cast foundation, it can be placed on any even surface.

Our concrete batching plants are designed and built to a very high standard, so it will last more than fifteen years – this insures a very high return on your investment.

Fibo Intercon supply a large range of high quality concrete batching plant with a dosing accuracy of +-3% for standard machines and +-1% for our pre-weighing machines..

Below you can see a small selection of our standard machines, there can be set up and ready to go within two hours.


Capacity: 4-5M3/hour
Mini Viking is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized construction projects.

Batching Plant Renovation


Capacity: 10-16M3/hour
B1200 is a compact, mobile batching plant assembled on a joint twin-axle bogie trailer.

Batching Plant Renovation


Capacity: 25-45M3/hour
M2200 is a mobile batching plant assembled on a joint triple-axle bogie trailer with turn able front axle.


Capacity: 25-60M3/hour
T2200 is a mobile batching plant assembled on a common twin-axle step frame semi trailer.

Horizontal & Vertical Silos

Capacity: 15-66M3
Fibo intercon supplies big bag silos as well as vertical and horizontal cement silos.

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