Coloured Concrete at 22 Hanover Bond, Mayfair, London

Learn how our customer Barretts of Asbury solved a tricky problem

22 Hanover Bond – Coloured Concrete Facade

Clivedale the building owner is an independent super-prime developer based in Mayfair, London with an expanding portfolio of luxury real estate including residential, commercial and hotel projects in some of the Capital’s most prestigious addresses.

The Vierendeel columns are manufactured from steel plate and reinforced with rebar, then filled with pigmented concrete to offer a unique architectural look.

Barretts of Aspley

Our customer Barretts of Aspley (BoA) is an Architectural Metalwork and bespoke Structural Steelwork fabrication company based in Bedfordshire just off Junction 13 of the M1 near Milton Keynes. The company design, manufacture, deliver & install a wide variety of Architectural & Structural Steelwork products, including:


  • Bespoke Steel Structures
  • Steel Exoskeleton Superstructures
  • Fully off site manufactured and assembled Balconies
  • Balustrades – mild steel, glass, stainless steel
  • Staircases and handrails
Coloured Concrete

The Challenge

The unique composite steel/concrete design of the VCs generates both the necessary structural requirements to fully support the internal PT floor slabs and also provides the necessary fire resistance to minimise the requirement for any intumescent coating to the steel.

A strict off site inspection regime was agreed between the parties to ensure BoA could guarantee both the structural strength and architectural consistency in the colour of the black pigmented coloured concrete, to ensure none of the 3.5 tonne columns were rejected by the client.

The BoA team researched a number of concrete batching plant companies and options. The final decision was to purchase a Mini Viking from Fibo.

The decision was made in favour of Fibo Intercon because we listened and adjusted the batching plant adding fine-tuning controls so that each batch of concrete would be consistent in batching, to guarantee both the strength and colour of the concrete mix. 

Coloured Concrete

The Solution

The fine-tuning involved adding a frequency controller to the cement auger motor. The speed of the cement auger is reduced by frequency converter and is controlled by the batching plant software during dosing.

The fine-tuning of the cement batching meant that the colour of each batch was the same. You can see the results in the images.

A router was also added to the Mini Viking allowing our engineers in Denmark to support the production team setting up the plant and adjusting the software program to tweak the production process.

The mini Viking was connected to a 60-ton cement silo that Fibo helped Barretts to hire within the UK.

Coloured Concrete

Mini VIKING – Semi-mobile Concrete Batching Plant

The Mink Viking is ideal for special projects. Due to the size of the pan and capacity of 5 m³ per hour, the Mini Viking works best for small batching sizes. Some typical uses are:

  • Large batching plant coloured mixes. Using the mini mixer saves the cleaning of the full size batching plant.
  • Where small quantities of high-quality concrete are specified, and standard ready-mix is not available or uneconomical.
  • When you want to program the batching plant with a range of concrete mixes.



Coloured Concrete batching plant

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