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Learn how a community in Iceland build construction projects using fibo batching plant

Remote Community Concrete Batching Iceland

Una and Thor live in a remote community called Vestmannaeyjar on a small island off the south-west coast of Iceland. The company is called 2-Th efh.

From start we have worked on and built everything from town houses, semi detached homes, to kindergartens, and today we are building a new fire station.

We have worked on all the schools in this town, both repairs and extensions. Large equipment storage for the airport. We have built concrete piers and countless driveways. 

The concrete machine changed everything for our operation. We have even taken concrete to the mainland on the ferry, up to 80-100 km return trip.

The Challenge

Before Una and Thor purchased a concrete batching plant, the concrete from the local concrete supplier was costly. They wanted to control their concrete supply and reduce costs.

The Solution

When Una and Thor purchased their first concrete batching plant, they reduced the concrete prices by 35%, breaking the local monopoly. The cost of concrete fell, and the competitor’s service improved for the rest of the municipality.

They also had control of their own concrete supply being able to produce concrete on demand when and where they needed it.

Marine Concrete Batching


“When we wanted a new batching plant, Fibo offered us an M2200, but it did not fit in our working area. Fibo offered us the FS2200 and made amendments to the machine to fit our space.

We found the people at fibo are friendly and helpful, and they find solutions to fit your particular set of circumstances.

We were very pleased with our first machine and the service we get, and that’s why we went back to Fibo for our second machine.”

Thor Director of 

2-Th ehf Construction, Vestmannaeyjar,

Marine Concrete Batching

FS2200 Concrete Batching Plant

The FS2200 is one of our best selling concrete batching plants. The output is 45 m³/per and is built to last. The design life span for any fibo batching plant is 15 years. The ROI is within 4 to 12 months depends on the quantity of concrete you produce. The software is state of the art and allows you to control the full concrete production process including quality assurance documentation.

Some typical uses are:

  • Site batching on small construction sites
  • making concrete for small pre-cast concrete manufactures
  • Marine construction projects



B1200 Marine Concrete Batching

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