Concrete Waste – How DAMIFO Solve The Problem

How to convert demolition concrete into products and make a margin.

About DAMIFO and Concrete Waste

DAMIFO  offers practical and innovative solutions for the construction and recycling industries.

The business has a solid background in professional recycling and the use of recycled materials for innovative solutions.

The increasing focus on the environment dominates, both the social and political levels.

Slowly but surely, it is becoming clear to companies around the world that this is an area that needs to be taken seriously.

Three factors can help companies make the decision to use new or used materials.

Regional variations, even within Denmark, can be decisive for how and which solution is most optimal.


  1. The availability and thus the cost of using natural and new building materials
  2. The availability and cost of landfills in the form of taxes and direct costs.
  3. Transportation costs

The Concrete Waste Problem

When the business was being set up, DAMIFO needed 2,500 interlocking concrete blocks to make factory walls and material bays.

They purchased a number of block moulds, and a fibo concrete batching plant to make the blocks from recycled aggregates.

At the end of the production process of making the 2,500 blocks, the plan was to sell the moulds and batching plant.

However management saw another opportunity to add more margin to the business.

Concrete Waste

The Business Opportunity

The business found an opportunity to sell the interlocking blocks to other recycling and contractors. The demand grew and has now become another add on business.

DAMIFO get a gate fee for concrete waste, brick waste and ceramic sanitary ware. The materials are crushed and sorted into concrete aggregates to make concrete.

The gate fee and the purchase of the blocks gives a reasonable return. So much so that the fibo concrete plant is in operation everyday making concrete blocks for sale.

DAMIFO are planning to purchase more moulds to meet demand.

There are more opportunities for DAMIFO. For example, there is a business within a business to convert concrete waste into building blocks. Click the button to learn more. Click on the link for more information on concrete recycling production.


Concrete Waste

The Ideal Recycling Concrete Batching Plant F2200

The F2200 is our most popular batching plant. It is flexible and can be set up and producing concrete within a day. No civil engineering is required. You can place it on flat ground, and away you go.

With an output between 25 to 62m³ per hour, the payback period is between six to twelve months.

The plant is reliable, and we have plant still making their owners a good return, that are over twenty-five years old. The plant keeps its value, and we offer a buy back deal when you want to upgrade or move it on.



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