A new fibo Collect plant for Dietrich Baustoffe


Dietrich Baustoffe

Dietrich Baustoffe GmbH had an older concrete batching plant from which they sold concrete to the area north of Bremen. The plant was worn out and they wanted a new and more modern plant. They chose a fibo Collect system with a recycled water auger, precisely because of the recycling and water savings made possible by the recycled water auger.

The recycled water auger meant that the building permit for the system was granted very quickly, and no drains or similar had to be established from the system as there is no water waste.

During the first 2 month they have sold 6 m³ of concrete every day, and the customers are very pleased wiht the concinience of how to order and the quality of the concrete and mortare thye get. As a customer said: “I always get my concrete here. It is much easier and I am done with mixing it myself.”

Compared to the solution they had before Dietrich Baustoffe are very satisfied with the the options they now have in the controlsystem which makes the the daily maintenance and easier and provides a wider range of products to be sold without manuel actions from a operator.

Accessories for recycling water

– Additional outlet from the pan mixer makes it possible to have wash water recycling equipment connected to the system on a permanent basis. The additional outlet allows one outlet to be dedicated to concrete and the other to water from the washing process. The controllersystem controls which outlet opens at which time in the process.

– Recycled water tank – tank for collecting wash water. In the tank, water is separated from waste material, after which both water and material residue can be reused in new mixtures.

– Recycled water auger – auger for separating material residues from water. The water (containing small cement residue) is led to a filtration tank where the water is separated from the cement residue. The water is then returned to the plant and reused. Cement residue in the filter tank is dried and reused. Stones and sand are collected in a tank at the end of the auger and can be reused in new mixes.

– Automatic wash function – the automatic wash function ensures a clean pan mixer and ensures that a mixture does not contain residue from previous mixes. This means that for example, you can be sure that a mixture without stones does not contain stones from a previous mix.

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