H. A. R. T. Bau expanding their business

To mee the increasing demand H. A. R. T. Bau bought their second plant

H. A. R. T. Bau

The company has had an FS1200 since 2016, which they have been very happy with, and which has produced large quantities of concrete over the years. To increase capacity, Brothers Alfons and Roland Hartlieb chose to get an additional F1800 concrete mixing plant.

They wanted the new plant to have a slightly larger mixer and 2 extra silo boxes compared to the old one, to have more types of sand and gravel ready for use in the mixer. The concrete mixing plant is partly used in the company´s involvement in various construction projects, and partly in road construction, which is also a large part of the company’s activities.

Increasing the flexibility

The company H.A.R.T. Bau also has a gravel pit. When the concrete mixing plants are not in use on construction projects, the plants are at the gravel pit and are used for concrete production for smaller projects nearby, where it is easier for them to mix the concrete in the gravel pit before driving out to the customer. In addition to making concrete for their own construction projects, H.A.R.T. Bau also offers customers in the area the opportunity to come out to the gravel pit and buy concrete when the concrete mixing plant is there. There are many private and smaller businesses who use that opportunity. Many private individuals come and buy quality concrete for their home projects and in the garden, as they find it much easier to buy the concrete ready instead of having to start mixing it themselves. As Roland Hartlieb says “They prefer to buy a more expensive quality concrete, that probably is far better than what they actually need, to having to mix it themselves. The customers find it difficult to have to mix themselves and would rather pay for it.”

Marine Concrete Batching

Their own trademark

H.A.R.T. Bau has as a trademark that all their machines are cyclamen colored, and of course their concrete mixing plants are too. The color is the company’s hallmark and at the same time also acts as a form of anti-theft protection, as the color is so easily recognizable.

Marine Concrete Batching

The Future

Roland Hartlieb has this to say about the future: “In time, we will have a Fibo Collect situated by the gravel pit, so that we can sell concrete 24/7. There are many people who buy from us today, but of course they can only buy concrete, when we have a plant on site in the gravel pit, and we are there to help them. We are not yet quite ready to go all the way with a Fibo Collect, but it will come.

To a follow-up question about why they don’t already choose a Fibo Collect solution when the customers are there, Roland Hartlieb replies that there are currently challenges with a reliable power supply. Currently they get power from a generator, but if a facility with a payment terminal should be ready and online all the time, it is not a good solution. Then, a permanent power and internet connection must be established, or the Fibo Collect system must be placed outside the gravel pit. This is mainly what is being considered now. The biggest challenges regarding their concrete mixing plants today, are the occasional lack of power or power outages.

They understand the power supply issue and will solve that prior to setting up their 24/7 operations.

The benefits for H. A. R. T. Bau

They are extremely satisfied with both their old and new Fibo batching plants. They save a lot of time by having their own concrete mixing plant, and this increases their flexibility. They bring the mixing plant to their construction sites and are quickly up and running. They never have to wait for concrete to be delivered from the factories, and if the plants are not in use on a construction site, concrete production is always going on at home in the gravel pit.

Marine Concrete Batching

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant – F-model

The F-model is a mobile concrete batching plant with 4 hoppers. Built on a solid frame, with legs. The batching plant features different size mixers, very precise dosing, and many options to produce any kind of concrete required. As a result, Fibo Intercon mobile batching plant will precisely produce the required amount of concrete, without waste of time or materials. The F-model is available in 3 sizes depending on the capacity you need. The capacity varies from 10 to 45 m³/hour.

B1200 Marine Concrete Batching

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