10,000 m3 Output Before The First Service


Welcome to one of our successful customers. ByggBröderna is a civil engineering and building company in Sweden and is lead by JAN-ÅKE KJELLER. JAN-ÅKE runs a well-oiled construction business and has taken advantage of producing his own concrete. The concrete production includes:

  • Factory Concrete – Selling concrete to other contractors
  • Precast concrete housing elements – Concrete modular construction
  • Precast concrete blocks – Building blocks for retaining walls, material bays.
  • Recycling aggregates with a crusher. Economic aggregates to make concrete.

ByggBröderna is a turnkey contractor building from the initial client’s idea, then designing and constructing the project to handing over the keys to the customer. Customer care is a top priority for ByggBröderna.

We Broke Our Promise

High Quality Concrete Batching Plant – Jan was promised the first service would not be required until the machine had produced 5,000 m3 of concrete.

We Broke our Promise

The first service was double our promise. The only replacement was the paddles in the mixer drum. Our engineers accessed the onboard computer to get the full production data. The machine had produced 10,000 m³ of concrete over the five year period Jan has, had the machine.

Jan was so pleased with the money he was making from his first C1800 20m³/hr machine, he decided to invest in a F2200 45m³/hr machine.

The NEW Machine

Jan has put the new F2200 batching plant into a building to supply local contractors with high-quality concrete.

On a standard eight hour shift with the machine working for eight hours, it can produce 320m³ of concrete per day.

Jan is also looking at recycled and cement replacement mixes to further reduce the cost. With four bins the F2200 is capable of mixing these types of recipes as well as all the standard coded mixes.

Jan is going to use his C1800 refurbished machine to produce high quality concrete to his sites. 


Contact Information


Byggbröderna Falkenberge AB
15 311 50 Falkenberg


Jan Ake Kjeller
Mobile: +46 (0)76 102 5000
Email: jak@byggbroderna.com
Website: www.byggbroderna.com

Your Partner in Concrete Solutions

Fibo intercons concrete batching plant is the best avalible on the market, it is a well thougt out solution, designed to provide optimum flexibility, performance and operating efficiency.

It does not require a cast foundation, it can be placed on any even surface.

Our concrete batching plants are designed and built to a very high standard, so it will last more than fifteen years – this insures a very high return on your investment.

Fibo Intercon supply a large range of high quality concrete batching plant with a dosing accuracy of ±3% for standard machines and +-1% for our pre-weighing machines..

Below you can see a small selection of our standard machines, there can be set up and ready to go within two hours.

High Quality Concrete Batching Plant


Capacity: 4-5m3/hour
Mini Viking is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized construction projects.

High Quality Concrete Batching Plant


Capacity: 10-16m3/hour
B1200 is a compact, mobile batching plant assembled on a joint twin-axle bogie trailer.

High Quality Concrete Batching Plant


Capacity: 25-45m3/hour
M2200 is a mobile batching plant assembled on a joint triple-axle bogie trailer with turn able front axle.


Capacity: 25-60m3/hour
T2200 is a mobile batching plant assembled on a common twin-axle step frame semi trailer.

Horizontal & Vertical Silos

Capacity: 15-66m3
Fibo intercon supplies big bag silos as well as vertical and horizontal cement silos.

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