Marine Concrete Batching

Learn how we put a marine concrete batching plant onto a barge in Sweden

Marine Concrete Solution

Producing concrete can be a challenge. When concrete is needed on a remote Island the challenge can be even more difficult to work out.

Sjöliv Markentreprenader AB found a very good solution.

Sjöliv Markentreprenader AB

Sjöliv Markentreprenader AB carries out marine civil engineering and property projects in the Stockholm archipelago.

The company sells, builds, repairs and install bridges, stone chests, buoys, ports and marinas with everything that comes with it.

They also undertake:

  • Groundwork
  • Construction 
  • Mini-treatment plants
  • Chain changes
  • Sea transport
  • Laying of sea cables
Marine Concrete Batching

The Challenge and Solution

The price for concrete in Sweden is quite high, and when the construction project is on an Island, the cost is even higher.

The company won several projects building homes on the Stockholm, archipelago. The problem was getting concrete to build the foundations and infrastructure.

Jonas Jalakas and Rikard Beckman from Sjöliv Markentreprenader AB had the idea of putting a concrete batching plant on a barge to reduce cost and time.

Jonas and Rikard selected a Fibo B1200 with a big bag cement silo to put on a barge to solve the solution.

The concrete is placed using a concrete pump or put into dumper

Marine Concrete Batching

After Sales Service

Rikard ordered the B1200 with a modem to allow for an internet connection to the plant software. When the plant was being set up for the first time, there was a technical problem.

An engineer from the Fibo head office dialled into the plant and fixed the problem within an hour of the issue.

Rikard said, “I was impressed by the actions of Fibo when we had a technical issue setting up the plant.

The after-sales service was second to none. A Brilliant service and company to deal with. I would recommend Fibo to any contractor looking to be in control of their concrete supply.”

Fibo delivers confidence and a great product.”

Marine Concrete Batching

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant B1200

The B-model is a wheel-mounted, mobile concrete batching plant registered to be pulled like an agricultural trailer.

The B-model is often preferred in those construction areas that are usually required to change location, more than once a year, or where the project spreads over a larger area. The plant can be moved from site to site very easily maximising productivity and plant utilisation.

Our product range of B-models is comprised of four types of different capacities 500, 1200, 1800 and 2200 Liters.

The B-model is a mobile concrete batching plant with 2 hoppers. Built on a solid frame, with wheels and a pulling hook that allow for easy moveability. The batching plant features different size mixers, very precise dosing, and many options to produce any kind of concrete required.

As a result, Fibo Intercon mobile batching plant will precisely produce the required amount of concrete, without waste of time or materials.

B1200 Marine Concrete Batching

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