A contractor expanding their business

As a local contractor, owning their own mobile batching plant, Nyborg Soerensen sees many benefits.

Getting ahead of the competition

Owning their own batching plant allows Nyborg Sørensen to optimize their daily planning by producing concrete whenever and wherever without being dependent on and waiting for concrete to be delivered.

Nyborg Soerensen Aps

Nyborg Sørensen is a Danish contractor with turnkey construction projects. They are specialized in concrete, masonry, and carpentry work.

Their customers are commercial project owners, farmers, and individuals.

Marine Concrete Batching

The Challenge

Nyborg Sørensen Aps, a contractor for over 50 years, bought a Fibo Intercon B-1200 mobile batching plant back in 1999. Through the years, their batching plant enabled them to get ahead of their competitors, creating efficiency at the construction sites and producing concrete when it was needed. This efficiency allowed them to substantially grow their customer base, especially within the farming community.

To this day, the popularity of their services brings in new customers from mouth-to-mouth communications within rural communities or amongst professional builders in need of high-quality concrete. Nyborg Sørensen Aps have a tremendous reputation for providing quality on time.

After producing concrete for 22 years, the B1200 was getting tired, and in need of a makeover. This would take a few months during which the batching plant would not be operational producing concrete.

Marine Concrete Batching

The Solution

After short consideration, Nyborg Soerensen Aps’ owners, the brothers Peder and Christian, decided to purchase a new mobile batching plant from Fibo Intercon instead; this time a C1200. They had been extremely satisfied with the old batching plant, and deemed the durability and quality of the B1200 outstanding. They purchased a C1200 this time, which fits their modern equipment better, such as a truck with a  container hook. The C1200, which has a container hook for easy transport, is designed for their new equipment type. Nyborg Sørensen Aps can now quickly and easily drop off their new batching plant at a job site and produce concrete right away.

Peder and Christian are very pleased with their new C1200 and especially the built-in rotary washing/dosing system makes a big difference for them. The washing system doses water to the mixer from rotating nozzles.These nozzles create a rain-like mist that allows for homogenous mixing and, at the same time, washes down the mixer’s sides and arms while reducing cement dust within the mixer. The washing cuts down on concrete build-up and consequent cleaning time and man hours.   

One of the changes from the 1999 to 2022 model is the placement of the control panel, which is now located at the back of the batching plant, which makes access for loading the aggregate/sand hoppers easier.

Marine Concrete Batching

The benefits for Nyborg Soerensen Aps

Both Peder and Christian feel that they are ahead of the game and the competition by owning a concrete batching plant.

It gives them a better workday flow on construction sites and enables them to produce high-quality concrete whenever, wherever. They don’t have to wait for delayed concrete deliveries. Everybody wins!

Marine Concrete Batching

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant C1200

Our C-model is a mobile concrete batching plant on a hook container frame, featuring a container hook for easy pulling of the concrete batching plant onto a tipper truck with a container winch. 

Unloaded from the back of a truck, this batching plant can comfortably be positioned and quickly made operational at job sites. Their compact size makes the C-model ideal for any space-limited or urban construction site.  

Our product range of C-models is comprised of three types of different capacities 1200, 1800 and 2200 Liters.

The C-model is a mobile concrete batching plant with 2 hoppers. Built on a solid container frame. The batching plant features different size mixers, very precise dosing, and many options to produce any kind of concrete required. 

As a result, Fibo Intercon mobile batching plant will precisely produce the required amount of concrete, without waste of time or materials.

B1200 Marine Concrete Batching

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