Sochi Winter Olympic Park

Remote Site Batching Plant – Sochi Winter Olympic Park

Remote Site Batching Plant – In the years 2011-2013, in the Adler Area of Sochi Region in the Immeretin Lowlands of Russia, an Olympic park of 200 hectares was built for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Over 100.000 m3 of concrete was required to build the Olympic park and sports venues.

The transport infrastructure prepared to support the Olympics included twelve tunnels, forty-six bridges, thirty-one miles of road, 223 miles of railroads and stations in and around Sochi, forty-two hotels, four sports venues and two training areas.

Amongst others at Sochi International Airport, a new terminal was built along a 3,5 km runway extension, overlapping the Mzymta River.

Remote Site Batching Plant

The Complexity of The Construction

Remote Site Batching Plant

The complexity of the construction was determined by Sochi’s location in the mountains where it was virtually impossible to deliver concrete, due to the high rise. A remote site batching plant was required.

The high rise made it impossible to place a modular or stationary concrete plant on the remote mountain areas, due to the compact location, the inaccessibility of preparing the foundation and the difficulties in transporting oversize parts.

The mixer trucks could not be properly filled if they had to climb the high mountains, which meant a higher cost price for transportation. And because of traffic problems often blocking the mountain roads the concrete would often have begun to solidify at the time of delivery. This is because as soon as water is added to the mix, the cement begins the process of hydration and will begin to set.

M2200 Concrete Batching Plant

The only option for the construction was using Fibo Intercon’s mobile batching plant M2200. The M2200 is the ideal remote site batching plant. No other plant was able to locate on that area in the mountains due to limited size and foundation possibilities. The plant was placed on the site at 1100-1200 m and helped to successfully complete the construction in time.

The main contractor selected a Fibo Intercon batching plant for its setup speed and flexibility and because it requires no foundation. The plant was moved several times to improve productivity and logistics during the construction of the project.

Fibo batching plant does not required material ramps and other civil engineering requirements. This makes the plant very competitive delivering improved value for it’s quality. 

The plant capacity was 45 m3/hr delivering 450m3 per day during some construction shifts.

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