Sochi Winter Olympic was built with a Fibo Intercon Batching plant

For the Winter Olympics 2014 in the Aadler Area of Sochi Region, in the Immeretin Lowlands of Russia. A Olympic park area of 200 hectars was constructed in the years 2011-2013.

Over 100.000 m3 of concrete was required to build the olympic park and sport venues.

The transport infrastructure prepared to support the Olympics included twelve tunnels, forty-six bridges, thirty-one miles of road, 223 miles of railroads and stations in ans around Sochi, forty-two hotels, four sports venues and two training areas

Among others at Sochi International Airport, a new terminal was built along a 3,5 km runway extension, overlapping the Mzymta River.

The concrete specification for this large project was to EN 206. The European standard applies to concrete for structures cast in situ, precast structures, and structural precast products for buildings and civil engineering structures.

EN 206 concrete must be capable of working for up to and over 100 years.


The complexity of the construction was determined by Sochi’s location in the mountains, where it was hardly possible to deliver concrete, due to the high rise.

The high rise made it impossible to place a modular or a stationary concrete plant on the remote mountain areas, due to the compact location, the inaccessibility of preparing the foundation and the difficulties in transporting oversize parts.

And the automixers, could not be filled properly if they had to climb the high mountains, which meant a higher cost price for transportation. And because of traffic problems often blocking the mountain roads the concrete would often had begun to solidify at the time of delivery. This is because as soon as water is added to the mix, the cement begins the process of hydration and will begin to set within a time limit.

The only option for the construction was a use of Fibo Intercons mobile batching plant M2200. It was placed on the site at 1100-1200 m. height and helped to successfully complete the construction in time.

The main contractor selected a Fibo Intercon batching plant for speed and fleixibilty of the set up. The plant was moved several times to improve productivty and logistics during the construction of the project.

The plant capacity was 45 m3/hr delivering 450m3 per day during some construction shifts.


Fibo Intercon – We reduce your construction time!

“Fibo Intercons batching plants are very reliable and can deliver 10,000 m3 before service with just replacing the mixer paddles.”

M2200 Concrete Batching Plant

Machine History

Model: M2200

Purchased 2009

Quantity of concrete produced to date: 324,000m3

Total savings made to date: €8,100,000


Fibo Intercon – Your partner in concrete solutions

One of the most effective ways to reduce concrete cost is to manufacture your concrete on site, with today’s technology, this is very easy to do.

And with our machines the price difference between ready-mix and onsite batching is around €32 m3. That’s €3.200 for every 100 m3 or €32.000 for every 1.000 m3.


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High Quality Concrete Batching plants

Fibo Intercon supply a large range of high quality concrete batching plant with a dosing accuracy of +-3% for standard machines and +-1% for our pre-weighing machines..

Below you can see a small selection of our standard machines, there can be set up and ready to go within two hours.

Mini VIKING – Semi-mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Mini Viking is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized construction projects

It has a capacity of 4-5 M³/h.


B1200 is a compact, mobile batching plant assembled on a joint twin-axle bogie trailer.

It has a capacity between10-16 M³/h.


M2200 is a mobile batching plant assembled on a joint triple-axle bogie trailer with turn able front axle.

It has a capacity between 25-45 M³/h.


T2200 is a mobile batching plant assembled on a common twin-axle step frame semi trailer.

It has a capacity between 25-60 M³/h.

Horizontal & Vertical Silos

Fibo intercon supplies big bag silos as well as vertical and horizontal cement silos.

We can supply standard and customised solutions.