A Groundbreaking Innovation in Poilly lez Gien, France



In Poilly lez Gien, France, an exciting innovation is taking place. TPLG, a family-owned company specializing in earthworks and sanitation, has been reaping the benefits of their fibo Collect + Aggregates for several months now. This marks a significant milestone; it is the first plant of its kind in Europe.

Single Point of Sale

fibo Collect:
  • Washing system with rotation nozzles
  • Cleaning system with recycle technology
  • Automatic fibre and additives system
  • Cloud documentation
  • Choice of aggregates
  • Bypass conveyor for clean delivery
  • Delivery on a height adjustable conveyor belt to fit all sizes of trucks and trailers

Marine Concrete Batching

But that’s not all. The plant is a powerhouse of efficiency, capable of producing high-quality concrete. It comes equipped with a fiber dispenser and a variety of admixtures, ensuring top-notch results with every batch.

Want to hear more about why TPLG chose a plant from fibo intercon A/S? Hear about the diverse range of customers TPLG serves and the remarkable benefits of adding a fibo Collect + Aggregates to their business.

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