Business planning Example

Learn about business planning by using our business planning example.

Business Planning Example

Done For You Business Plans

This article is for people wishing to purchase a concrete batching plant and plan to make the correct purchase decision. We have also completed some done for you business plan examples.

Click on a links below to review them.


  1. Interlocking business plan – net profit of >£400k
  2. Recycled concrete building block business plan – net profit of >£2m

Business Planning Example

We understand your concerns and the risks involved in your new batching plant purchase. We are in business just like you, and we make our purchase decisions by looking at the business case.

Our business is not just about selling you a batching plant. Our business is about helping you make the right decision and money from your purchase. We know you will only buy a batching plant if:

  1. You will make money from your new batching plant.
  2. The return on investment is within 12 months.
  3. The maintenance costs are low.
  4. The machine is built to last.
  5. You are looked after with a high-quality customer service package.
  6. You can talk to a human when you call to ask a question.
  7. You trust Fibo to deliver on its sales promise.

At the beginning of our relationship, we think it’s vital that your business plan delivers the investment’s profit forecast.

To do this, we have a business planning tool that we can complete with you that will include your local costs, sales prices and capacity projections.

Once the business plan is completed, you will see the profit projections for several scenarios from break-even to full capacity. We usually like to see a healthy profit at 50% capacity.


Business Plan Process

The process to develop the business plan is:

  1. Prepare the plant list and cost it out
  2. Input the people to operate the business
  3. Input the overheads to run the business
  4. Input the sales to make the required profit
  5. Adjust the plan to projections for year 1,2,3

We have made the process very simple. We need some basic input information from you. We will do the work for you and then give you a report.


Prepare the plant list and cost it out. 

We have prepared a spreadsheet with several sheets. The first sheet is to prepare the plant list that is already costed for speed. We also carry out other financial analysis on this page for the overhead and sales section.


Input the people to operate the business

The business will need people to operate it. On this sheet, we add the management team and the plant operators. We can adjust the monthly rates and currency so allow the tool to be used in any country.


Input the overheads to run the business

Next, we need to add other overhead costs to run the business. Office, insurance, finance, marketing, fuel costs, for example. The tool includes a comprehensive list to make it easy.


Input the sales to make the required profit

It is essential to understand your market potential and selling prices for the sales stage. We use the capacity of the batching plant to analyse the business potential.

Adjust the plan to projections for year 1,2,3

Once all the stages are complete and happy with the result, the spreadsheet tool can be saved as year 1. You can then prepare a business plan for year 2 and 3 by adjusting the people, overheads and sales sections. Save each year for your record.



Upon completion of the business plan process, you will see the return on your investment and the business potential. If the business plan does not provide the results you want, you can at least make an informed decision to buy or not to buy the plant.


What to do next

The next step is to review some of our done for you business plans and complete the form on the page or this page. We will then get in touch with you, and we can complete your business plan together. It usually only takes 30 minutes if you have all the information at hand.

A Message From Henrik

Hello, my name is Henrik Jeppesen and the CEO of Fibo Intercon. I am a great believer that good business planning is required to steer your business in the right direction.

We have a great team of technical salespeople who are highly trained in business planning. If the plan works then, I am sure you will buy your concrete batching plant from us.

Complete this form, and one of our business consultants will make time to help you develop a sustainable concrete business plan. We are an international business and can speak many languages.

Thanks, Henrik.

Complete the form and we will make contact with you to discus your requirements or to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively chat to use using the WhatsApp chat on the page.

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