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Welcome to Our Dealer Application Form

Welcome to our dealer application form. Once we have approved your application to become a dealer we will invite you to Denmark to meet the team. We will take you around the factory and we will give you some product training.

To learn more and about the different types of dealer click on this link.

The training will cover all our products, the software that runs the batching plant, marketing and sales.

You will be given a full dealer manual to keep and use for reference.

If you need any support or help to complete the form, feel free to call Bob Evans on + 44 (0) 7896 246 224 or email at

We are an international company with our common language being English.

Watch The Video To Learn More

Please Complete The Form in English

If you need HELP ask a question using the WhatsApp tool on this page.


Once you have completed the form above please submit it.

Henrik Jeppesen, Managing Director, fibo intercon a/s

Thank you for filling the dealer questionnaire. I will contact you within 72 hours with your potential earnings, and hopefully a dealer agreement to be signed concerning our future cooperation.

We are trusted  by more than 700 owners of concrete mobile batching plants all over the world

because we help them grow their business every day.

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