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About Partnerships

We are looking for Partner.

We have two Partner options.

A fibo partner or an ambassador partner.

The main difference is the ambassador partner supplies leads only whereas the fibo partner offers a full services from lead generation to customer satisfaction.

The commission reflects the effort required for each option.


Ambassador Partner

An ambassador partner promotes fibo using social media and other marketing activities to generate leads. The ambassador also qualifies the lead using the fibo process. 


Full Partner

The main reason you would want to become a partner:


  • To sell high-quality concrete batching plant

  • To be part of a successful team and family

  • You have seen the plant and are impressed with it

  • You are looking for a product to add to your existing concrete plant portfolio



The main reason to become a partner is to earn commission. To learn about commission for the ambassador and full partnership complete the form at the top of the page. We will tell you about commission on the next step of our application process.

What Are You Promoting?

Fibo Intercon designs and manufactures mobile and semi-mobile batching plant and associated equipment such as cement silos, concrete conveyors.

The plant comes in three size ranges 1200,1800 and 2200 with outputs of 15, 30 and 45 m3 per hour.

We provide solutions to the lower capacity end of the market. The plant is built to a high quality with a design life of 15 years. The dosing accuracy is +- 3% as standard and  +- 1% with a pre-weight cement plant.

To learn about some of our solutions go our solutions page.

To learn about the products go to the products page.

Learn about Fibo LINK it is one of our key selling points Fibo LINK

Watch the video to learn how flexible the batching plant is.

Could You Be a Partner?

To be considered to become a full partner, the requirements we are looking for are:


  • You understand concrete production.
  • You work in the construction and associated industries and understand the market and sales process.
  • You operate from an office with a plant service workshop
  • You employ a sales team and have plant engineers who can maintain plant and deliver customer services.
  • You are an enthusiastic person with a passion to meet people and sell concrete batching plant.
  • You understand problem-solving and solution selling with focus on the return on investment rather than price only selling.

Partner application form

Complete The Form To Learn About Commissions

What Support Does a Partner Get?

We offer a large range of marketing, sales and after-sales training and support to support you with lead generation and lead conversion.

You will receive one full day of on boarding product and sales training at our factory in Denmark.

You will be invited to monthly online sales, marketing and new product development seminars. These last about one hour and are a great way to share knowledge and experience of what works.

You will be invited to our annual conference and training meeting. This normally is over a three day period where you will meet other dealers and learn all about our latest product updates and new marketing and sales training tips and tricks.

You will have access to our marketing toolbox. This is a shared Dropbox folder where you will find brochures, marketing flyers, social media images and content for posts, email templates, landing pages, product videos, plant maintenance videos, sales and marketing training videos and lots more.

You will have access to the International fibo website including the partner network.

Your will receive FREE access to a travelling fibo concrete batching plant to demonstrate to
your customers. The plant will be a B1200 or similar. You can arrange an annual demonstration show at your premises. Alternatively, you can buy a plant to do this at a full discounted price.

What Commitment is Required by a Partner

As a full partner, we are looking for a commitment to:


  • Attend our on-boarding training, training seminars and the annual conference. Sell two machines a year as a minimum.
  • Attend a fair with a stand and machine or an open house event using our mobile demonstration plant.
  • Execute lead generation activities using our templates for social media posts, email campaigns, and fairs.

Partner Case Stories

Alex Van Der Auwermeulen – Dutch Partner

  • Alex has been a full fibo partner for over ten years.

  • Alex has sold 4 machines in the first quarter of 2019.

  • He lives in Holland and sells batching plants in Holland and Benelux.


    “I have worked in the construction plant sector for over 30 years selling crusher plant. Before I sold a competitors batching plant but the quality was not very good.

    First time seeing a mobile batching plant from Fibo Intercon was at a Fair in Germany and I thought the quality of the plant was very good.

    Since 2008 I have only been selling Fibo Intercon plants and I can confirm the fibo batching plant is made with the highest quality on the market.

    With continuous product development the plant stays in front of the competition. I get very few complaints, and if we do have an issue they are dealt with efficiently.

    I recommend Fibo Intercon batching plant as the market leader in quality and technology.”

Vincent Markov – Russian Partner

  • Vincent is the sales director at Wimix.Ru.

  • Wilmix have been a fibo partner for over ten years.

  • Sold six machines in 2018 and one machine in the first quarter of 2019.


    “Milmix sell and maintain fibo batching plant in Russia. Our market is quite complicated but we have found niches in the market. We have sold several plants into the artic circle where they operate very well due to the quality and engineering design

    We have an engineering team who set up and commission the machines for customers.

    I would recommend a fibo batching plant to any serious concrete producer, they are very reliable, easy to set up and require no civil engineering works. Our competitors have to build ramps and pits for loading. The fibo plant arrives on site and can be up and running in hours.

    This is a good selling point for us.”

Complete The Form at The Top of the Page to Apply

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