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concrete batching plant brochure

Concrete production is our full brochure that includes everything you need to know about concrete production and fibo batching plants. We explain the principles of operation, case studies, product selection, the lot. Download and learn all about Fibo, what we do, how we do it, and how we can support you.

concrete batching plant brochure

Sell more concrete with our business ideas. Our mission is to help you sell more concrete and make more profit. We want you to expand, so you upgrade your plant and make even more money. Read the case study of Jan Kjeller, the CEO of ByggBröderna.

concrete batching plant brochure

Are you looking to solve a concrete problem? We have over 70 years of experience building concrete batching plants. Read our core solutions, and if you can’t find an answer, call us, as I am sure we would have solved it sometime in the past.

concrete batching plant brochure

Download and learn all about our T Model batching plant. The T Model is built on a trailer that can be transported anywhere and set up with a few hours to full production.

A great solution for fast moving contractors looking to be in control of their concrete demand.




Wind farms are typically construction on top of hills that are remote with no concrete batching plant in the area.

We have developed several solutions from 300 to 1500 m3 of concrete production per day.

Whatever the size of the foundation, we have an economical solution.

We have teamed up with McGirr Engineering to deliver a full solution to convert recycled concrete into concrete building blocks.

An average production day will turn 150 tons of recycled concrete aggregate into 22,000 building blocks.

concrete batching plant brochure pdf

Agile ready-mix concrete production means you can make more profit from efficiency. From 37 to 186 m3 per hour output.

Deploy mobile batching plant when and where it needs to be to deliver the demand required at the time.

A mobile batching plant that can be moved and set up the same day using our plug and go system.

A business opportunity for ready-mix and quarry material companies to move forward with the growing trend of site batching.

Main contractors are looking for site batching to give them concrete on demand and a competitive advantage.

Building a fleet of agile batching plant that can deliver concrete on demand from 30 to 186 m3 per hour is smart.




Batching concrete on your farm has many advantages:

  • Concrete on demand
  • No waiting time
  • Save time
  • Make money
  • Sell concrete to other farmers

The art of a concrete block business is selling the blocks.

We have created a marketing brochure that is white labelled to allow you to brand with your identity.

The more blocks you sell the more money you will make.

concrete batching plant brochure pdf

Tetrapods and other sea defence armour use a lot of concrete. We have teamed up with a number of sea defence concrete block mould makers to allow us to supply the whole package.

Concrete business in a box is a package of concrete interlocking moulds and concrete batching plant.

Business in a box with the marketing brochure allows an existing concrete business sell more concrete and can even be a start up business in its own right. Read the business case within the brochure.

Technical Brochures



concrete batching plant brochure pdf

Technical Brochures



concrete batching plant brochure pdf

Case Studies



concrete batching plant brochure pdf

In the years 2011-2013, in the Adler Area of Sochi Region in the Immeretin Lowlands of Russia, an Olympic park of 200 hectares was built for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Over 100.000 m3 of concrete was required to build the Olympic park and sports venues.

Pelican Self Storage is one of the world’s first buildings made from recycled concrete. It has set new standards for sustainable construction and handling of construction waste.

This project is pioneering in the field of sustainable construction, developing constructively usable recycled concrete with the support of the Ministry of the Environment in Denmark.

DAMIFO offers practical and innovative solutions for the construction and recycling industries.

The business has a solid background in professional recycling and the use of recycled materials for innovative solutions.

Learn how DAMIFO are solving the recycling concrete problem.

Batching plant case study

22 Hanover was a construction project in Mayfair, London.

The external construction is made from a vierendeel steel frame infilled with coloured concrete.

The challenge was to to make sure the colour of the concrete was consistent. Read the solution in the case study.

Case Studies



concrete batching plant brochure pdf

Producing concrete can be a challenge. When concrete is needed on a remote Island the challenge can be even more difficult to work out.

Sjöliv Markentreprenader AB found a very good solution.

Concrete production is a remote community can be a challenge learn how Thor and Una came over this challenge using a fibo batching plant.

The circular economy is one of the biggest challenges, as well as one of the most exciting opportunities for business today. Learn how a company in Slovenia solved the challenge.


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