Concrete Batching Plant Layout Plans

We have designed three standard layouts or we can build a plant to suit your needs with our modular design

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Fibo Collect – Concrete Batching Plant Layout Plans

Standard Setup

Fibo Collect is built from a modular set of components ready to create any layout to suit your requirements. We have created a basic setup that is used for general Fibo Collect concrete stations. The basic setup includes:


  • 1200 mixer with two discharge gates 
  • 2 x 2.4 m3 or 4 x 2.4 m3 aggregate bins 
  • 10m x 0.8m conveyor
  • automated aggregate cleaning process with high-pressure hand cleaning
  • chemical pump
  • payment terminal
  • purpose-built Beckoff operating system
  • cloud-based batch documentation



Standard Setup Layout Dimensions

Non-Standard Layouts

We can design any layout to suit your needs, including an environmental setup. The main options to create a non-standard layout are:

  • 1800 and 2200 mixer
  • automated high-pressure cleaning
  • concrete waste and dirty water recycling system
  • extended bin sides for additional capacity
  • additional chemical pumps
  • water meter
  • chemical meter
  • vibrating bin attachment
  • pre-weight cement attachment
  • water heater
  • service contract
  • extended warranty
  • 32-ton cement silo
  • toolbox.



The design of your Fibo Collect batching plant is complex. Our technical sales team can support you in selecting a suitable layout and the equipment to optimise your productivity and business. Complete the form on this page, and we will arrange a call to discuss your layout and requirements.

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