Fibo Collect Data Storage and data exchange

Learn how you can use Fibo Link and the data storage to integrate the data from your fibo collect batching plant into your enterprise resource planning

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Fibo Collect – Data storage and data exchange

Fibo Collect Operating Systems

The Fibo Collect batching plant can operate as a single unit using the onboard software system.


Operating Software

The Fibo Collect batching plant operates from a Beckoff PLC. The Beckoff is programmed with concrete mix recipes and then mixes the concrete, automatically dosing the various materials to make concrete.

All the data within the Beckoff can be transferred to the cloud and converted into data that can be imported to an ERP.


Data Exchange

Data from the Beckoff software is stored in the cloud and can be downloaded as CSV files for import to other programs.


Examples of use:

  • Point of sale: Data can be sent to and from the point of sale tills.
  • Price adjustments: Price increases can be sent to your Fibo Collect fleet.
  • Recipe adjustments: New recipes can be sent to the plant from a central location.
  • Stock control: Artificial intelligence can re-order materials automatically when they fall below a determined stock level.
  • Plant alarms: The Beckoff software will send out alarms if maintenance is required or a batching tolerance is breached.


Standard Concrete Data

The Beckoff stores concrete data, for example, design mix name and design mix quantities:

  • Kg of cement
  • Kg of sand
  • Kg of aggregate
  • litres of water
  • litres of admix chemicals

Quantity delivered

  • date
  • time
  • plant reference
  • operator name

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