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Mixer Cleaning Systems

For all of us familiar with concrete and concrete production, cleaning of a batching plant, as well as all equipment used in connection with making concrete, is a daily routine, liked by some, not such much by most. However, we all know it is necessary because keeping your plant clean will give it a long life and deliver a greater return on your investment.

Drying concrete presents many issues and most of them require manual labor solving.

As a Fibo Collect plant only produces concrete when customers ask for it, the in-between production time can result in dried and caked-up leftovers in the mixer, which might have an adverse effect on the homogeneity or quality of the next batch. In addition, the motors and other parts are under unnecessary strain, which might increase maintenance costs. Cleaning any mixer with dried-up concrete leftovers stuck in it is a time-consuming, labor-intensive procedure.

The automated high-pressure cleaning system

Therefore, Fibo has developed an automated high-pressure water cleaning system inside the mixer. Several nozzles spray water around the pan, loosening and washing leftovers toward the second trap in the mixer, which leads the washout into a recycling container.  This system can be programmed to wash after every single batch, which is a good idea in warm temperatures or to wash at set times during the day and weekend.

As the Fibo Collect station is designed to work unmanned, washout can obviously not be disposed of by way of the concrete conveyor, which is needed to feed concrete to waiting customers.  This independence is another important reason for having the second trap in the Fibo pan mixer.

The end-of-day cleaning

Even having the automated cleaning system does not circumvent an end-of-day or end-of-highest-productivity-period cleaning.  Fibo batching plants are equipped with a separate, high-pressure pump and handheld cleaning tool to clean in and around the plant.  Since most of the washing has been done automatically throughout the day, the end-of-day cleaning can be short and labor-friendly.


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