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on a self-service concrete plant by Fibo Intercon.

The Fibo Collect

Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator

The Fibo Collect ROI Calculator will help you get a detailed understanding of the business potential, costs and the profitability of investing in a Fibo Collect – A self-service concrete plant. Answer a small number of questions and get access to : 


Main Calculation Sheet

Get a detailed understanding of the numbers that contribute to your business case including both total investment and total production costs.


Cost Breakdown

See a visual representation of all costs per m3 associated with Fibo Collect concrete production.


Margin Overview

Understand how the profit margin increases and decreases depending on the volume of concrete you sell. 


5 Year Cashflow

Generate a 5 year cashflow based on steady growth to support your business case. 


Sales Presentation

Generate a short PDF summary highlighting the numbers behind your business case, perfect for your next team meeting. 

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Fibo Collect

Grow your business with a self-service concrete plant.


Enable your community with concrete 24/7


  • Give contractors and individuals in your community the opportunity to buy competitively priced, quality concrete, without creating waste and spill.
  • Use an automated system requiring a limited workforce to create a profitable business for both yourself and your customers.
  • Enable your customers to collect concrete when they need it for their projects 24/7.

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Fibo Intercon can design and supply a large range of concrete solutions for you and your company. We are a leading partner and supplier to the global concrete industry. We manufacture and deliver mobile concrete batching plants.