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What is fibo Collect?

fibo Collect is an automated concrete dispensing station that allows drive-through customers to purchase freshly prepared and documented concrete, mortar or screed, in just the required amounts. The target audience is everyone in need of smaller loads, from 0,15 m(150 litres), such as small contractors, landscapers, farmers, builders and DIYs.

From an easy-to-use, intuitive touch screen, customers choose the amount of the product they need and pay by credit card, bar code or RFID tag at the terminals next to the screen. Within minutes the product is dispensed from a conveyor belt, into a truck or trailer and a receipt is printed at the terminal. 

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Multiple types of aggregates

Add an Inliner to your fibo Collect and get a powerhouse of efficiency, capable of produciong high -quality concrete and a variety of admixtures, ensuring top-notch results with every batch.

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An Opportunity for New Business

A fibo Collect solution is ideal for adding new income streams, new market share, new customers and profit to your bottom line. A typical Fibo Collect batching plant can give an interesting return on investment from daily sales of just 3-5 m3 of product. 

Integrated mixer washing and water recycling systems allow for low maintenance and 24/7, unsupervised operations. 

A state-of-the-art automation system and Cloud-based data storage, allow operators to monitor usage, supply levels and performance, to create personalized delivery notes for customers or to integrate raw CSV data into billing systems. All systems are remotely accessible for service and maintenance, including pricing and design management.  

The fibo Collect ROI Calculator will make the business case for any local area or community. Fibo Sales representatives are ready to assist potential customers with detailed calculations, cash flow analysis and ROI expectations.

At fibo Intercon we always strive to give our customers the best possible return on their investment.

The quality of our solutions and their resulting longevity are one of our signature features.  

With fibo Collect in Europe, we will protect your investment by committing to not selling another installation within a radius of 10 km, which based on experience and research, is the territory an operator needs to successfully supply their market.

That is the fibo-Way.

What sets a fibo Collect Apart?

Automation – Digitalization – Sustainability

The automation of a fibo Collect is aimed at minimizing the man-hours spent at the batching plant. Customers select their product and volume thereof and proceed with paying at the terminal. Within minutes, the order is produced and delivered from the conveyor belt.

With a capacity of up to 60 pre-programmed and displayed design mixes to choose from, customers will find what they need. As the owner of a fibo Collect, you can program and name the design mixes according to the demands of your market. The automation will accurately produce any size batch according to the design mix and print a delivery note for the customer.

The system’s digitalization transmits the data of each batch to a cloud server and converts this data to a PDF delivery note that is immediately available for downloading and processing.

At the same time, a PDF production note is created and details the actual amounts of every component of the delivered batch. All data is stored in CSV format, allowing for integration into Excel-based ERP systems. 

Water Washing Systems 

Every batch of concrete, mortar or screed will leave remnants in any mixer. Time and temperatures will dry these in the mixer and potentially contaminate different design mixes or even impede the production ability of the mixer. 

fibo Collect has a high-pressure washing option, which can be automated to clean the inside of the mixer at any chosen time, making manual intervention unnecessary. 

Like any production machinery, a fibo Collect requires good end-of-day cleaning, for which it is equipped with an integrated high-pressure washer.

fibo Collect
Water Recycling Systems 

The washout water is cleared out through the secondary hatch and funnelled into the water recycling tank. The automated system uses sustainably recycled water for the next batches. Water recycling may entitle fibo Collect owners to subventions in some countries.


How Much Space Will It Take

Based on the volumes and types of concrete a community requires, different sizes of fibo Collect batching plants are available. The most used models are the F and FS models. 

Please find their size indications from the drawings hereafter to determine if you currently have the required space. 

In addition, you will need space for aggregate and sand bays, as well as for moving loading equipment, such as a front loader, between the bays and the batching plant. Bays also need to be refilled, typically from tipper trucks. On the dispensing end, you will have to account for drive-through space demands, access to the payment terminal and possible queues. 

Fibo engineers will provide you with extensive knowledge and the necessary CAD tools to work out the details for your particular set-up. 

FS Model 

F Model 

Let’s have a call to discuss layouts and requirements

Let’s take your next steps together!

The design of your fibo Collect batching plant is complex. Our technical sales team can support you in selecting a suitable layout and equipment to optimise your productivity and business.